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Some Kind of Drug Sore Throat Children Can Be Tested – Choosing a child’s sore throat medication can by using materials that are easily obtainable around us. Small children are the age group that is susceptible to inflammatory diseases of the throat. Typically, the disease symptoms of strep throat include sore throat until the child is difficult to eat, cough, runny nose and enlarged tonsils. Thus, knowledge of the child’s strep throat medicine are things that should be known by the parents. Obat alami mengobati batuk bayi dan anak anak


Strep throat in children can occur for a variety of things. The most common cause and the main course is the infection by virus or bacteria. Bacterial infections usually require a visit to the doctor for medication, but the infection can be cured themselves with appropriate care in the home. Then, you can try using drugs laryngitis child first before bringing the baby to the doctor.
List of Children’s Medicine Sore Throat

Below we discuss some kind of sore throat medicine proven effective child overcome the symptoms of strep throat in children. You can try several methods to relieve symptoms and help heal your child’s condition. When the drug under a child does not make you better, then you try to take him to the doctor. Here are some kinds of drugs laryngitis children:

Salt Water Gargle

When the age of the child is old enough, then you can use the brine solution as a cure strep throat child. Ingredients you need to make this solution is 1 cup of warm boiled water, 1/4 teaspoon salt and 1 tablespoon of Listerine if you want. Combine all three ingredients above, then put on as a liquid rinse. Keep in mind that the use of warm water as a gargle effective for this method, while the use of cold water will be less effective. This solution will help kill germs and relieves pain and a burning sensation in your throat. In addition to strep throat, gargling salt water can also be a cure for children’s tonsils.

Drinking enough

Drinking water in sufficient quantities is strep throat medicine child is no less important. Getting adequate fluid intake can make more watery sputum, throat channel moisturize and prevent dehydration. When you do not like plain water, you can give the tea, milk, juice or even chicken soup broth. What is clear, make sure your child gets at least 8 glasses of water or 2 liters of water each day. Drinking water is warm and the cold also can be a cure for children’s tonsils. Provide water in temperatures that kids want.


Besides it tastes sweet and delicious, honey can be a cure strep throat good boy. According to many researches, honey has antibacterial effects, antiviral and antifungal. In addition, honey also can relieve pain in your throat. Honey can be consumed with how to swallow one tablespoon of honey. In addition, 1 tablespoon of honey also can dissolve in a glass of warm water to drink by your child. However, it should dketahui that children under 1 year of age are forbidden to consume honey.

Lemon or Lime

Since ancient times lemon and lime has been known to cure strep throat and memperlega disease. The content of astringent, Vitamin C and antioxidants in this fruit will help the body fight infection, kill germs and diluting the thick phlegm. Additionally, lemon and lime juice also contains nutrients that can help the body become tired easily. Many ways to use lemon as a remedy sore throat children, but emerging recommended is its use as a mouthwash and other mixed drinks. To rinse, mix 2 tablespoons of lemon or lime into the water, then use the solution to rinse.

Honey and Lemon

Combine honey and lemon is a cure sore throat better child again, because the two materials have the effect of mutual aid in the healing process of sore throat in children. It’s easy, take one tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of lemon juice, then mix in a glass or bowl without water, then drink. When you have a microwave, you can warm it before drinking by children. You can use lime juice instead of lemon.

Enough rest

Although this method looks simple enough, enough istrirahat is a very important method as strep throat medicine children. Heavy activity will complicate ubuh against infectious germs, especially the children’s activities are usually heavy like playing and running. Resting will help the body to allocate energy to fight the infection. Make sure your child gets a nap and a good night’s sleep when you’re sore throat.

Carefully In Selling Free Dispensing

Many parents are trying to cope with tenggoroan inflammation in children by giving pharmacies the-counter drugs. It is legitimate as long as it followed the instructions and the dosage of drugs listed in the manual. Drugs that you can choose is a medicine that contains ibuprofen or paracetamol. But be careful, do not give medications containing aspirin to your child because it can cause Reye Syndrome dangerous. It is also recommended not to give antibiotics to children before seen by a physician. The use of antibiotics can cause a child’s illness worsens.
Symptoms Sore Throat To Caution

Although strep throat in children can be treated with medication radaang child’s throat, but the parents should know the symptoms of anything that indicates that the child is suffering from a serious sore throat. Beware of some of the symptoms below, and do not hesitate to bring the child to the doctor to get a more precise handling. Some of the symptoms that you need to be aware of are:

Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
Child sleeping in conditions snore
Child awoke during sleep or during sleep soundly seem
Contained breathing wheezing in children
Fever exceeding 38C for 2 days
Child looks hard to swallow
Cough long, more than 3 weeks
Sore throat that does not heal within 1 week
A rash on the skin of children
If there are signs of dehydration such as: urinary netting and a little, do not shed tears when crying and dry mouth.

Strep throat in children is a disease that is very common in Indonesia. Trying to cope with strep throat medicine you can give a child is the main alternative. But do not forget when it encounters danger signs above, immediately consult your child’s condition to the doctor to get a more optimal handling. Keep your child’s health is also a way to get children clean and healthy living.

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