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As an active and qualified man who seems to have become a liability to pay attention to appearances. At least for the first impression to others, we can be more assured and confident when meeting. Most men do not like women who love grooming, preening, and shopping. They fear in said keganjenan, gay, guy or whatever metropolis. They want a simple and show what it is. I think that is the cause why many men are still problematic in fashion.Anda affairs should not be afraid with all the negative assessment, as long as you are dressed appropriately, casual and not excessive surely you will get special attention.
Some Mistakes Dressed Men
Women are also highly respect the appearance of men do. Unmitigated they also often discusses the appearance of the man they had met while they hung out in cafes, malls or other public area.

In general, women also like men who are clean, look fashionable and good at socializing. You will only want a woman to dream if you own fashionable but seemed unorganized / problematic in clothes.

So, if you want to buy a dress or jam tangan keren, please ask the women in your life to give good advice of what clothes to you. Because in general women understand better than men in the fashion business.

Here are some mistakes to dress (fashion mistake) man:

1. Clothing oversized / loose and do not fit in the body

Loose clothing / greatness is only suitable in use at home to relax. Do you use when traveling to an official place, hangout, cafe etc. Except if you wanted to look like a scarecrow.

2. A tie with short sleeves

It would be better if you wear a tie with long sleeves. Tie with short sleeves look like the lower class, or rocker who want the concert.

3. Dirty shoes

Did you know that women are very sensitive to the cleanliness and tidiness? They will know you are clean or not quickly just by looking at your shoes. Make sure your shoes shiny clean before leaving the house.

4. Shoes furrowed

Try to have a few pairs of shoes for running your activities. Shoes wrinkled as a result of your shoes are often used without a break. At least if you have a few pair of shoes, the shoes will be durable and long lasting.

5. Pants extension

Pants which stands up to touch the ground and dragging, it’s good to cut. Or if it is not time to fold the extension portion.

6. Selection of the wrong color socks

Equalized color you wear socks with the color of your pants, not the shoes. It will look better and harmonious.

7. Selection of color belt / belt / belts

Equalized color of belt you wear the shoe color. If you are a shiny belt, make sure your shoes are too shiny.

8. Clothes-breasted, with all the buttons closed

Obviously if you do this, you will see a closed psychological terms. Make sure there is at least one open buttons of all the buttons. Unless you are wearing a tie.

9. Socks are not long enough

You do not want all your legs look instead? Especially when you sit cross-legged. Ensure that your calf-high socks. Do less.

10. Clothes matted

Not that you have to bring the board wherever you go. Try when you buy clothes, the clothes do not crease.

11. Wearing too many colors

As already described in the article about men’s fashion tips, limit each outfit you with a maximum of three colors or shades are coordinated to preserve views

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