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Stay Beautiful During and After Pregnancy – In the period of pregnancy, the prospective mother’s body has increased hormones that are needed to help the growth of the fetus in the womb. An increase or change in these hormones resulted in a change in body shape that can reduce the beauty. Changes in body shape there are only temporary, ie that only occurs during pregnancy, there also will not be lost. Thus, it would be very good if done prevention of mother to stay beautiful during pregnancy and after childbirth. Cara merawat rambut yang baik dan benar



Beauty Problems When Pregnant

The body is no longer slim, dull face, the skin is not smooth, the body does not lean as they used to be are some of the problems often complained. Naturally, if you are annoyed with your appearance and want to go back charming as before pregnancy. This will be achieved by preventing and treatment, you will stay pretty normal.

Here are some things that disturb the appearance of women during and after pregnancy period.

Stretch marks are vertical lines that resemble the skin breaks. Red then will turn white, become lines that are whiter than the surrounding skin. Usually appear on the abdomen, thighs and hips due to her growing body.

To prevent this, use anti-stretch mark cream that contains a high moisturizing early in pregnancy. Also avoid the significant weight gain during pregnancy. Whether or not stretch marks also influenced the level of resilience of one’s skin. Stretch marks can be permanent intention remains despite having given birth.

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