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How to cope with poor feeding cats – Cats who do not want to eat and drink at all and appear limp is risky for cats when not eat one day. ie facing a common trigger after a cat giving birth. In animals that do not want to eat normally slept constantly and so thin, because the power for a variety of physiological systems of the body there is no burning of fat stored in body tissues. But fat burning system in the body of the cat become very ineffective. When the fat burning, there is a kind of metabolic turnover in cats that cause damage to liver tissue is hepatic lipidosis.

Hepatic lipidosis namely damage to the liver with the system change in tissue liver into a new network that is similar to fatty tissue and the effect of the heart can not play as they should and could ultimately increase the likelihood or death in cats, such problems can be overcome if the cats receive the highest number of calories as well as adequate nutrition from food Therefore do not get your pet cat does not eat all day. Speedily give other foods are more stimulating appetite. If it still does not want to eat well then suapin and immediately consult your vet.

The cause of the cat no appetite

Very many triggers cat would not eat and simplest is usually because the cat bored with the food that is commonly given or changing brands of food. Another trigger more chronic and feared the pain. And the appetite for a sick cat will shrink or even disappear though. Action is best when the cat would not eat that immediately encountered by veterinarians and ask your cat problems. For while some simple actions that can be done to deal with appetite loss, but if it continues immediately take your cat to the veterinarian.

How to get a cat appetite

Fishhook appetite with meat or canned wet food that is obtained in pet shops. By way handed food or food dishes right in the nose or a little dab wet food into his mouth, If successful then your cat will be stimulated with the smell of meat that is very sharp and appetite will be awakened.
Replace food and mixed, some food dry food or dry food is less had a pungent smell and difficult to arouse the appetite, to the mix dry food with canned wet food such as Whiskas and Friskies is enough to stimulate the appetite. If you want better able to provide the Science Diet brand for sharper aroma and nutrient content complete. but it should be in a special note Science Diet brand, should be provided at all times and not the food every day. All wet canned food is also really poor given every day because it can lead to plaque and tartar if excessive.
Suapi your cat, can use a small spoon, hands and syringe (small injections without needles). food will be given that the wet food such as canned wet food, dry food destroyed with warm water or a mixture of dry and wet food that has been destroyed soft. then handed the plate and see if it would feed themselves and be careful if using an injection, hold the head and ears and enter the injection of liquid food from the side of cat’s mouth and gently press so that the cat can chew and swallow properly. and the need to remember not to spray which can lead to choking cat.
Give containing Vitamin B complex and lysine (amino acid lysine), which can be bought at the nearest pharmacy like Biolysin, Lysmin or Becombion. usually the drugs specifically for children. Such supplements can be in the form of tablets or syrup believed to whet your appetite and can prevent disease Feline herpes virus Rhinotracheitisis or commonly called the flu in cats. How can drug administration together with food or after a meal. If the medication is not preceded with food, it can lead to irritation of the stomach and cause vomiting. As for vitamin appetite stimulant commonly given by a veterinarian is Diazepam, the drug is very hard under the influence of hunger in the brain. The reaction was very quick about 10min after the drug Diazepam is given. Be sure to allow for it near the cat food for her as she ate when the drugs began to react.
Feeding Tube, is feeding by entering the food directly into the stomach through a tube. In this way can only be dealt with by a veterinarian to all kinds of animals that are sick or can not swallow and chew food at all and it is also often applied to kittens or kittens who are not breastfed by its mother and can not ngedot or suck milk in the teat ,

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