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The Fresh Juice Recipes Can Lower Your Cholesterol – Of course everyone wants a healthy body and avoid the various diseases including cholesterol. There are many foods and drinks that have benefits for your health, one of them bits. The fruit is believed to be one of the main fruit that has a lot of vitamins and nutrients useful for the body. Some of the benefits of these bits of them, can cleanse the liver, can remove toxins in the body, and also reduce the risk of stroke.


Research says that by consuming the beetroot can prevent a person from heart disease, is because bits can lower LDL (bad cholesterol) that exist within the body. In addition juice recipe below has a lot of iron content so that the hemoglobin in the body can be produced.

Cholesterol in the blood can be controlled by consuming fruits which are rich in vitamins and nutrients. Such as oranges, papaya and banana is a type of fruit that can control cholesterol levels that exist in the body. As it is known that the fruits of this type contain vitamin C, iron and fiber that are beneficial to health can include blood flow and also can lower cholesterol levels in the body.

You could try making fresh juices made from fruits like the recipe below for lowering cholesterol levels in your body.

1.) First Recipes

The time needed for the presentation to make the juice consumed 5 minutes and enough for two people.

Materials needed include:

2 oranges superbly peeled and separated from the epidermis orange,
120 Gram papaya peeled and cut,
2 bananas peeled and cut,
Ice cubes as needed.

How to make

1.) Please you enter oranges and bananas together in a blender and then blend. then add a little water.
2.) Filter results earlier blender, then pour into the glass.
3.) Then add ice to suit your taste and serve.

2.) Second Recipe

Time are required for the presentation to make the juice is about 5 minutes, and a portion can for 2 people.

Materials needed include:

1 Bit peeled and cut,
2-3 carrots have dikups and cut,
1 apple peeled and cut,
1 cm ginger that has been peeled,
1 teaspoon ground black pepper,
Ice cubes as needed.

How to make :

1.) First input Apples, beets, ginger and carrots into a blender. Then add a little water and a blender.
2.) Once smoothed using a blender and then the juice is filtered using a filter. then you can sprinkle black pepper powder on the juice, then stir with a spoon. After that pour in glasses.
3.) You add ice into the glass so that the juice can be served cold and fresh.

You can try healthy juice recipe above for lowering cholesterol levels that exist in your body. By consuming fruit juices and certain vegetables reliably good for the health of your body. Of course along with other healthy lifestyle crate with regular exercise and enough rest.

As it is known that people in ancient times rarely consume foods that contain chemical preservatives that are circulating now. They do not eat berlebihanan. Their average age dusk can still move well and seemed fit. Besides the mind calm and peaceful menjdai also one of the main factors of health of a person.

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