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The placenta functions in Infants in Gynecology

According to one medical practitioner and obstetrician, said that the placenta is one important part in pregnancy due to the passing of the placenta, the fetus all the necessities needed to grow and develop both physically and emotionally fulfilled. Still according to the same sources, said that the importance of placental function in infants in the womb, then if there are health problems or physical trauma that endanger the conditions of the placenta, then maybe the fetus will experience jeopardy anyway. Any actual placental function for the growth and development of the fetus in the womb?



Various Functions Placenta

Here are some of the types and kinds of placental function in infants in the womb, namely:

Exchange excretion.
The fetus not yet have the ability to issue excretion or waste products of food nutrients obtained from the mother. These waste products must be removed from the body of the fetus because it is toxic. Placenta to the baby is useful to remove the waste products of the fetus to the mother’s bloodstream to be processed and excreted by the kidneys.
Paths nutrients.
The placenta is also necessary as a means of transport provision of all kinds of nutritional foods derived from pregnant women and required by the fetus to grow and develop. Therefore, the placenta is connected to the blood stream of pregnant women, so pregnant women should make the selection on the intake of food or beverages consumed in order not to aggravate the condition of the fetus.
Retrofitting the immune system.
The placenta is also useful as a reinforcement channel fetal immune system against possible attacks by bacteria, viruses or fungi that can harm the fetus. Most of the immune system is derived from the mother because the fetus has not been able to develop its own immune system.
Distribution of oxygen.
Because the primary function of the placenta to the fetus that is connected directly to the mother’s circulatory system, the placenta is also useful for distributing oxygen to the fetus. Oxygen is required for a wide variety of metabolic processes fetal development that took place in each cell or tissue. Lack of oxygen to the fetus has the potential to cause disturbance in fetal development, both physically and mentally.

Thus some placental function in infants in the womb should be aware by pregnant women. Once the importance of placental function as part of the process of fetal development, so it’s good if the expectant mother is always a healthy lifestyle and positive thinking in order to be optimal fetal development either physically or mentally. May be useful.

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