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These foods Can Reduce Stress Loh

Stress with work pressure or other life issues? :) Yes, no doubt stress is often come when we are in a situation that has reached the limit in the face. Stress itself can lead to decreased immune system and susceptible to disease causing new problems. While this state of stress helps us to be able to reduce stress levels with foods that can reduce stress. So what foods can lower stress levels? Here is a list of foods to reduce stress.



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Chocolate in this case is the dark chocolate has efficacy in lowering stress levels. In a study by consuming dark chocolate daily for two weeks efficacious to reduce levels of the hormone cortisol and catecholamines which can increase feelings of distress.

Green tea
Green tea has benefits to reduce stress levels. By drinking a cup of green tea we will feel calm and relaxed feeling. This is because the content of catechin which has a super-oxidant benefits. Catchecin has a function to increase metabolism and blood circulation.

The content of calcium in milk is very good to loosen tense muscles and calm the nerves. Drink milk at night can make sleep more soundly.

Ice cream
certainly many who agree ice cream can be an efficacious drug stress, while the head is hot, it can be cooler with ice cream. The basic ingredients of milk and cream in ice cream containing the amino acid tryptophan to make the brain to be more quiet.

Folic acid deficiency can lead to anxiety and depression. Asparagus has benefits both to increase the levels of folic acid.

Broccoli contains Folic Acid is proven to relieve stress, panic, anxiety, to depression.

Soy beans contain protein, vitamin B, calcium, and magnesium, which is very good for relieving stress and certainly healthy.

Salmon, tuna, sardines and other fish are a source of Omega-3 in addition to helping brain development also has a function to calm the brain.

So, when we often feel the stress of the food above shall be an option to reduce your stress and your friends :).

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