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Quality leather jacket became the most important things to consider before you buy. Leather jacket with genuine leather will be very different from the synthetic. In addition, endurance and durability is also very different. Genuine leather jacket can last up to 10 years if cared for properly. For that do not let you go wrong in buying it. Buy jackets in the store genuine leather jacket that you believe in quality and authenticity. Here are some tips in choosing a store jacket. First, shop with genuine leather jacket normally would maintain the quality of the goods it sells. This is because quality and customer trust is the first priority for them.

image from: http://jaketkulitsukaregang.com

image from: http://jaketkulitsukaregang.com

Second, make sure before buying, you first check its authenticity. This you can do by asking the seller of the store to prove its authenticity by way of set fire to the jacket. Sellers at the store genuine leather jacket would have been willing to practice without the slightest doubt in order to test its authenticity. This is because the original leather jacket with heat resistant than fake leather, semi-leather or synthetic. If the seller refuses, it stands to reason that the jacket being sold is counterfeit. You can still check its own authenticity. It could do with asking a few remaining pieces of leather and try to burn it. If the result of the burning to ashes then certainly it is the original material. However, if the material is synthetic wadding usually during the combustion process.

Next, select the leather of the highest quality. Leather used is of sheepskin and cow. For best quality, you can choose sheepskin material because it has a finer texture and lighter if used. The thickness of the skin must also be considered. If you buy a sheepskin jacket, you can find a jacket with a thickness of 0.7 mm and for cowhide that is 1 mm. Make sure you ask about the type of material and its thickness before you buy at the store genuine leather jacket. visit my collections fashion leather jacket http://jaketkulitsukaregang.com thanks

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