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A plain white T-shirt fashion mainstay for some people. This is a plain white T-shirt basic clothing that could be used for stylized know. You can mixing and matching plain white shirt with some fashion items and other knick knacks to make it look attractive. Actually, the white shirt is very suitable and flexible use for all situations and conditions. Casual nature makes plain white shirt in demand by women in part somewhat tomboyish.

source: http://www.thefashionpolice.net/

source: http://www.thefashionpolice.net/

What is there that is fit for the equivalent of this plain, in order to look more stylish? Let’s consider the following tips and tricks.

1. white shirt as the innards vest

White shirt will appear even brighter jka combined with a light-colored waistcoat or vest. Select the model of vest that fits in the hip and attractive color. Then make a plain white T-shirt as dalamannya. Guaranteed you look more fun and exciting.

2. Kaos vs white trousers

White shirt can look very casual when paired with jeans or pants pencil length. Add accessories necklace or Bross that looks increasingly crowded. For this style you can select a white shirt with a thick bahn so no need to add the outer.

3. Kaos vs white skirt rimple

Plain white T-shirt can also feminine style know. Enough mix plain white shirt with pastel colors rimple skirt you will look feminine as women. Shoes flat shoes very fit for this fashion combination. Add bracelet beads to sweeten the look.

4. white shirt for a formal style

To go to the office or a formal event, you know you can also combine a white shirt with a blazer pretty formal and jam tangan murah. Choose a thin white shirt so that you do not swelter while wearing a white shirt as a dress experience.

That’s some white shirt fashion styles that you can choose for the daily appearance. With the white shirt you can still stylish right?

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