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Traditional Cough Medicine For Kids and Benefits – Health problems like cough now is something that is commonly suffered by everyone, especially children. However cough medicines available in the conventional market is currently not favored because it has side effects that are bad for health. For this reason parents tend to choose traditional cough medicine for children because minimal side effects. The reason is because traditional medicines do not contain harmful chemicals. Especially for children who are still sensitive to certain chemicals, they must obtain the best herbal medicines are no side effects at all. Gejala dan penyebab penyakit tifus


The natural ingredients of traditional cough medicine will help the healing process effectively and avoid unwanted adverse effects. Medicinal herbs can be bought in pharmacies and also made themselves at home. There are many choices of natural materials are used as herbal medicine and the choice is very easy to get around our environment. Usually the material used according to the child’s age. The more mature a child in activities, they will usually be able to adapt to herbal medicine with certain materials.

Traditional options Cough Medicine For Kids
Ginger and Kencur

Materials for children herbal cough medicines most often used today is ginger and also kencur. Jahen already crushed and then boiled until the water remaining half of it. Maybe some kids do not like the taste that is slightly spicy. To overcome these problems, add honey or lemon to give it taste more delicious. The materials used to add flavor to the herbs the next is sugar. However, these additions do too much because it can ruin the taste of ginger stew earlier.


The next option is lemon. Already, many parents are taking advantage of the lime to be used as a traditional medicine your child’s cough. This material has long been an option for overcoming the problem of cough, not only in children but also adults. The means used are fairly easy to cultivate lemon. Feelings of lemon juice can be drunk directly and mixed with sugar or honey to taste menamba on preparations and also the material. Sometimes children do not like the taste sour. However, honey and sugar could be the best solution. In addition, soy is also often a choice.


Herbs for traditional cough medicine for the next child is kencur. Powder can indeed be used to treat the problem of cough in children. This material has long been used in traditional medicine practice. How to set it up too easily. Kencur are peeled and then grated and cooked with water so flat. Medications can be given to children from 2 to 3 times a day. Herb should be taken regularly if you do not want to get problems in the effectiveness of the drug itself.

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