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Traditional Medicines Gout and Rheumatism

Traditional medicine gout and rheumatism are generally sought after by those who often feel tormented by pain in the joints. If you are one of them, then you should learn in advance about the differences gout and rheumatism. In fact, people often mispronounce the pain they suffered due to lack of information about these two diseases.



Generally, gout is a condition in which the joints in the body is filled by a buildup of uric acid crystals. This is due to the inability of the kidneys to regulate the stability of uric acid levels in the blood. Rheumatic diseases, on the other hand, is a disease that attacks the joints and other tissues that support joint function. The pain and body parts were attacked gout and rheumatism are virtually identical (elbows, knees and wrists, and feet). The difference is the cause of both diseases.
Benefits roots For Traditional Medicine Gout and Rheumatism

How does the treatment associated with gout and rheumatism? We should be grateful because nature has provided so many resources to be utilized as a cure various diseases, Exclusively for gout and arthritis, there is one kind of roots that can be used is sidaguri. Generally, these materials will be mixed with other auxiliary materials, one of the most famous of them is a plant of the gods crown.

For high uric acid, you simply set up a five-rod roots and wash them thoroughly with water flowing. After that, cut into pieces before sidaguri roots into small pieces and boiled in two cups of water. Wait until boiling, remove from the fire and enter into the glass or other container that allows you to shut it down overnight. New boiled water can be consumed the next day and should be taken before breakfast. In the afternoon, you are also advised to drink boiled water by boiling the roots using the new water.
Chemical Ingredients

Sidaguri believed as gout and rheumatism drugs are quite effective because the content of chemicals contained in the plant, including alkaloids, saponins, calcium oxalate, phenols, tannins, amino acids, etc. In addition as a medicine for gout dna rheumatism, sidaguri also effective cure stomach pains by chewing and swallowing the water roots. Normally people add ginger root as they chew it.

If you are pregnant, you are strongly advised not to consume these sidaguri roots. Instead, you should seek sidaguri plants if you are suffering from flu, fever, tonsillitis or malaria. In addition, the plant is also well known to help cure colitis, jaundice, urinary stones, eczema, dysentery, ulcers and inflammation of the skin to fester. Its roots itself in addition to cure rheumatism and gout is also a very effective cure asthma, influenza and toothache. Constipation and ulcers can also be cured by drinking boiled water sidaguri. When nature gives one kind of plant that not only functions as a traditional medicine gout and rheumatism, why do we still rely on drugs made from chemicals that may be harmful to health?

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