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Traditional Slimming Drugs Lose Weight

Slim and ideal woman would look more attractive than the fat woman. That is why many women who want to have a slim body, even those willing to do anything to get though would feel tortured for doing so.Cara memerahkan bibir hitam



Various chemical medicines consumed without knowing what side effects will be caused. In fact, for diet drugs is actually very harmful if consumed in the long term. Traditional slimming drugs provide a powerful solution that makes the body become slim without harmful side effects to health.
Traditional Medicines Slimming


The working process of traditional medicines is not extreme as chemical drugs. The resulting process will run gradually. The traditional herb that you can take, among others:

1. Turmeric Acid

Java people have always utilize turmeric acid to maintain the appearance of the body. Substances contained in it is curcumin, vitamin C, essential oils, polyphenols, and so forth. Curcumin and vitamin C will be able to destroy the fat in the body. If consumed regularly, the fat in the body will gradually disappear, especially on the abdomen.

If you want to make your own traditional medicine turmeric, tamarind, then you should prepare some materials consisting of turmeric, tamarind, sugar, water, and salt. Turmeric should be crushed and squeezed to take the waste. Juice of turmeric boiled with palm sugar, tamarind, salt, and water. Boil until completely boil and consume every day.

2. Green Tea

The efficacy of green tea no doubt, this is evidenced by the many chemical drugs that use the body slimming green tea extract. Traditional medicine slimming body, has a variety of substances that are beneficial for the body, such as vitamin E, vitamin C, and polyphenols. One of these, can effectively break down fat and increase metabolism by as much as 4%.

There are some things to consider if it would consume green tea for body slimming program. First things first, do not consume if the stomach is empty, because it can make stomach acid production to be increased. Second, consumption of 1 hour after lunch or dinner. Third, do not let you add sugar to the tea will be consumed, because it can eliminate important substances in it.

3. Lime

Fresh drink of lime is very refreshing body. However, do not apply if used slimming program, because it must be consumed using warm water and without adding any other ingredients. Some people who have done this have proved that, the beverage ingredients able to lose weight quickly.

Maybe for people who do not know the content of substances in it, it can be said that if it was impossible. But in fact, this can be proved because of its vitamin C content is able to control the content of fat and cholesterol in the body. Traditional medicine slimming body with lemon, also will make the stomach to be satiated without the consumption of a lot of food. Preferably, this nutritious drink you consume, in the morning before eating meals and at night.

Traditional slimming drugs above, capable of making the body becomes more slender in a fast time. It will be a very attractive solution to try at home. In order to optimize the work of all traditional medicine, should be accompanied by regular exercise at least 2 times in 1 week.

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