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Understanding And 6 Functions of Human Stomach – Stomach is a very important digestive organs for the human body. As a bag of rice, the hull consists of three (3) parts, the upper (cardiac), middle part and lower part of the stomach (pylorus).



In medical terms, the notion of the stomach is often referred to as the ventricles or in the English language is called stomach. Stomach is an organ that position is located just below the diaphragm and in the digestive tract after the esophagus before the position of the intestine in the human body.

Elastic-shaped hull, this is due to human gastric wall consists of powerful muscles that make the human stomach to contract to receive and process the food intake. Therefore, in addition to the stomach contractions that can make food intake will be stirred average, the elastic properties of the human stomach will expand when food enters the stomach into the abdomen and vice versa man would return decreases when there is no food intake.

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The process of destruction of food in the stomach lasts for approximately 4-6 hours, which is in the stomach the food was masuktersebut be mixed with gastric juice containing hydrochloric acid and serves as a substance an acid food intake in order to produce some of the enzymes that are needed by the human body itself ,

The mechanism of the destruction process foods in the human stomach was also furnished by the production of hormones in the human body’s digestive system. Where these hormones then serves as a protective body of a variety of bacteria that have been introduced into the stomach when food enters the stomach through the stomach. Well, then what are the actual human gastric function itself? Here’s an explanation of the six human gastric function in the receiving and processing of food into the human body.

6 Function of Human Gastric When food goes into the stomach

As a result of media distributor of food processing is a liquid (kismus), which then herded up to the duodenum.
As the shelter food into the human body until some time, and when it went belly humans can survive not to eat back in a few hours later.
As a place to change the protein in food intake and convert them into peptone substance.
As a place in the processing and digestion of fat contained in food into the body.
As a place where every food intake will be transformed into soft (liquid) to request assistance hydrochloric acid, after which it becomes a liquid food then the food ready for delivery to the intestine for further digestion.
As a place to freeze the milk that goes into the stomach and also as a place to mengelurkan casein substances.


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