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Various types and Climate There in the World

Climate is the weather usually somewhere on the surface of the Earth is in a period of time long enough.
Climate can be influenced by various factors, including the proximity of the sea, how high above sea level, its place in the hemisphere where, and so forth. Somewhere in one area does not necessarily have the same climate. Yes, because it was caused by various factors.



The climate in the world at least is divided into three main parts:
1. The climate in the polar regions
The climate in the polar regions can be divided into two zones, namely the Arctic and sub-Arctic. Climate Pole of course occur in the Arctic (Arctic) and southern (Antarctic). Climate temperature there does not support life.
At the South Pole, the temperature is always below freezing. However, at the North Pole, the temperature can change in a relatively short time and move to just above freezing so as to allow the ice to melt. These last few years, various studies and observations prove that there is an increase in air temperatures in the Arctic so much ice melts.
The second sub-zone of the north that includes the northern part of Scandinavia and Canada, Greenland, Alaska, Siberia, and Labrador. In the winter, the lakes and rivers in the area froze because the temperature can be well below zero degrees Celsius.
However, in the summer, lakes and rivers may melt and the animals and plants that live in the tundra may start its activities back in.
2. The climate is tropical equatorial region
We who live in the area traversed by the equator line being sensed this climate. The area is included in the tropical climate of astronomy are in the area around the equator or the difference in latitude 23.5 degrees north and south.
That is zero degrees north latitude to 23.5 degrees north latitude and vice versa in the southern latitudes.
There are three different categories, namely the first tropical climate in equatorial regions (equatorial). Features, every day but has a relatively high temperature rainfall throughout the year.
Second, the actual tropical. Its area is in the north and south of the equator. Typically, the high rainfall in the summer with high temperatures well every day. While in winter, rainfall is less, but there was a breeze that brings dry air blowing in this season.
The third, a desert climate. Throughout the year, hardly any rain that soaks the ground sand. Derah were really dry and hot. Regions with this climate include Sahara Desert, North Africa, Saudi Arabia, Australia and some areas in southern California.
3. The climate in the region between the poles and the equator
Climate that occurred in the region between tropical climate with sub-tropical climate has a wide range of climatic conditions blend of both. For example, in New Zealand, the British Isles and Northern Europe region.
When the summer can be dry and hot, but in the winter the air is moist and light. Rain can fall all year but not more than the winter.
Climate is influenced by one of them, the proximity of the sea. Because the sea into an area that is quite a lot to absorb heat from the Sun. So that the climate in the territorial waters or coastal areas will be warmer than other regions despite being in the same latitude.

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