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Viewing History Establishment of the State of Israel

Tracing the history of the formation of the state of Israel will make We got down to during the 3rd century ago. 3rd century became the golden age of the Christian who became the majority population in Israel. Then after the 3rd century the changes occur and make Israel inhabited by the Muslims.



Islam’s diverse society occupation continued since the 7th century to the mid 20th century. The State of Israel was officially established after the murder of the Jews.
The killing and then led to a range of the Zionist movement tried to establish a new state within the state of Israel. Migration begins with the migration of the Jews against the Muslim population. This is what makes the most of the Jews, which is about 47% of the entire world, settled in Israel.
History Establishment of the State of Israel
Before the establishment of the state of Israel known this then we will learn about the history of the Jews of the time doing various attacks. Attacking Jews was happening in Palestine which had its capital in Gaza.
Nebuchadnessar II king of the Babylonian empire conquered in a battle Juddah. Conquest is also reflected in the kingdom led by Solomon, the temple of Allah and then throw the Jews into the region of Babylon.
The history of the formation of the state of Israel and then continues to the conquest of Babylon by Cyrus and the Persians. This then makes the victory Cyrus Juddah prisoners were released and had the opportunity to stay back in Juddah.
Then the Persians were defeated by Alexander then there are some changes in who holds the region. Battle for the sake of battle occurred to make some countries losing and others winning. Then in the next period the country that had been defeated then tasted the sweetness of victory of a war.
Judea became a center of Roman rule, and became a prosperous area and made its inhabitants in a state of abundance. Nevertheless but still there are social inequalities among nations that inhabit the Judea region.
Then in the year 66 AD, the Jews perform a revolution against the Roma community. Revolution is then a first milestone of how the state of Israel can stand up and be known until now.
Successful revolution formed to make a region with a new leadership, and then given the name Israel. Israel was later to become a power in the Roman Empire or rather into the region of the East. Upheaval continues in Jerusalem, which was under Persian rule, Byzantein, and so forth.
Until Bynzantein get full powers to Jerusalem and prohibit their understanding of Judaism. Then in 1099 the power was in the hands of new leaders and renamed the Catholic kingdom. The period also makes the Jews and Islam into a minority and serve as slaves.

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