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Wants to Stay Smooth Skin Baby? Learn How to Keep Baby’s Skin – Baby’s skin is very sensitive and susceptible to disease and other disorders. Irritation, rash, prickly heat and so very often suffered by the baby’s skin. Although skin look healthy, soft and smooth, but the pattern of proper care must be done. Want to keep baby’s skin smooth? Learn how to keep your baby’s skin below. Cara merawat bayi

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Selection of diapers and baby clothes

Choose diapers and clothes with cotton thin and soft. Do not use nylon clothes, because it can make the baby’s skin easily sweaty and hot. This situation is vulnerable to exposure to bacteria and germs that trigger itching and rash. Infection will occur if the baby has the ability to scratch. Also avoid the use of clothes that are too tight, because it could hurt the baby’s skin when it comes to friction.

When the baby clothes stained with dirt as food spills, vomit, urine or faeces, it must be replaced immediately. Diaper rash can be suffered by the baby, when urine and feces left too long attached to the baby’s skin. Preferably liquid soap used in washing baby clothes. Because of detergent or soap creams contain chemicals that are very sharp. That can cause skin irritation and do not also use clothing deodorizer. Because the aroma fragrance made of chemicals is not good for the health of the baby.
Using safe cosmetics

You can apply telon oil and powder after bathing the baby so that her skin to avoid irritation. Telon oil consumption can also prevent from insect bites. Because it smelled unpopular insects. Do not forget to examine the cosmetic product to be applied, examine the composition, use, and license expiration date of POM. Make sure you apply cosmetics baby properly and do not use excessive. Because it can only make the clogged pores and can lead to rashes. Make sure the product you buy does not contain alcohol. Because the content of these can trigger irritation on baby’s skin.
Creating an environment of healthy babies

Healthy babies are supported by the environmental conditions. Therefore make sure the baby’s room cleanliness and room temperature create an appropriate and comfortable for the baby. Red skin spots easily appear on baby’s skin, when the air temperature is not right. The cool air environment should be created so that the baby does not suffer from prickly heat. Create the appropriate air ventilation, not too tight and not too wide. When the air temperature in the room was so hot could install air conditioning or fan. But the use of the fan should not be about the baby’s body.

Do not use insect repellent of any kind, because the toxic substances in it can be inhaled by the baby. Bed nets can be used to protect babies from mosquito bites. Do not forget to cut the baby’s nails regularly. Because long nails easily hold dirt and can injure the skin. So that the baby’s skin will be susceptible to irritation.

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