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Weather changes and Immunity Toddlers – Effect of Weather Changes Against Immunity Toddlers

Climatic conditions changed due to global warming is indeed sizable negative impact on health conditions. When a child’s mother, it may be easier to predict the weather just from the calculation of the month in the calendar. But this time, changes in the sun heat was heavy rain can occur at any time. Cara mengobati mata bintilan pada anak anak


Drastic weather changes will be accompanied by changes in temperature and humidity of a sudden. Automatically, the body was ‘forced’ to be extra hard to adapt to this change. So no wonder, sometimes it causes the immune system to decrease the little one.

Environmental conditions and water quality is also affected by changes in the weather. Dust and dirt in the dry air can be a carrier of the disease. Water quality can be reduced, for example, the water becomes more turbid water before the summer or become more easily contaminated by pollution in the rainy season. This condition makes the disease more easily developed than stable weather conditions.

Tips to Protect Little Of Climate Change

Mom must really not want to see the little one often sick. Now, please learn some tips that may help prevent the child from health problems during the changing of the seasons or the weather:

Nutrition well-maintained is an important key to the formation of the immune system. Make sure the little one get the nutrients according to the stage of growth yes, ma’am. Mothers should always keep in mind that a nutritionally balanced, consisting of macro nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, and fats) and micro (vitamins and minerals). With a complete and balanced nutrition, the little one will have a stock of energy to carry out their activities during weather changes.

Maintaining hygiene is an absolute must for children’s health. Mothers should always pay attention to food hygiene to the Small. Make sure the food source, the way of making, until supplies of food should be hygienic.

Note the cleanliness of water sources used for sekeluaga mother. Starting from the water, until the water for showers, and more.

Environmental hygiene should always awake yes, ma’am. Starting from the playground, resting places, or places like the other small. If necessary, tell Mom concern about school hygiene conditions of the child, because the greater the time he will spend quite a lot of time there.

Provide physical protection for the little one that is not exposed to changes in temperature and humidity extremes. When the weather is hot outside and the little one must leave the house, do not forget to use an umbrella. When the air is very cold, gave a heated jacket.

Immunity keeping with Prebiotics

In addition to the things mentioned above, she should also help improve protection of the body of the little one, namely his own body’s immune system. The most effective way is to ensure proper nutrition for gastrointestinal health. This will help boost natural immunity that will provide long-term benefits for the Small.

One way you can do is to give Mom the Baby nutrition containing prebiotics. This prebiotic substances will become food for the good bacteria that are naturally present in the digestive tract is already the Small. The growth of good bacteria will automatically inhibit the growth of bacteria-bad bacteria that enter the body of the child. As a result, the little one will be immune to interference of various diseases.

Type Current Health Problems Weather Changes

When entering a period of climate change, should be aware of some kind of mother the following health problems:

A. Fever

Including the types of health problems that often occur in children during weather changes. Fever is also a symptom that shows the central body is fighting an infection.

B. Respiratory Diseases

Cough, sometimes accompanied by shortness of breath, an early symptom of respiratory disorders. When the weather changes, it is often the little one colds, sneezing and body temperature increases.

C. Digestive Diseases

In the transition season from dry season to rainy season, impaired GI disease are prone to dust and dirt because the number of potential carriers of the disease. GI disease is usually preceded by a complaint diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, fever, and headache. Feces child may appear slimy and even bleed. When this condition occurs, first aid can Mom do is give him as much liquid as possible to replace lost fluids. If symptoms persists, see a doctor immediately yes, ma’am that dehydration can be immediately resolved properly.

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