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What Disadvantages and Advantages of IVF?

Having IVF is now a lot of choice for couples who do have problems in the affairs of pregnancy. If you look into the past at the start of IVF technology was discovered, the success rate is only about 4%, though so quite a lot of people who’ve been doing this for so desires the baby’s presence. Now with the advancement of increasingly sophisticated technology likelihood of success of IVF increased to 25% and this is a very happy news. Well approximately Disadvantages and Advantages What is In Vitro Fertilization?



Tube baby is indeed quite appropriate solution for couples who do not go to be blessed child. Yes, can not have children is now a very serious problem, especially in marriage. Not infrequently as the subject is the husband with the wife often noisy and sometimes even in-laws also involve themselves to blame each other. Finally, because this bickering going on the very thing that does not want a divorce.

A child is the entertainer and a blessing from the Almighty that both parents can be happy with his presence. Besides the child which will continue the struggle and the offspring of parents, so no wonder not if the presence of the child so important? Now with IVF, then the problem could not have children due to abnormalities of the reproductive organs can be reduced.

But before you decide to have IVF, it helps you know what Disadvantages and Advantages of IVF, namely:

Advantages of IVF:

Being able to overcome the problem of having a child does not go to the patient or other abnormalities of the reproductive organs.
No need marital relationship repeatedly to get the child, but just enough to give a woman’s egg and sperm from the man.

Losses Vitro Fertilization:

Requires considerable cost and would also require intensive care to maintain the health of IVF.
The success rate of IVF is still only 25% and the process is quite long, so it requires patience that is high enough in the process of fertilization in vitro fertilization.
Could be misused by certain parties. Suppose the woman requires donor sperm or vice versa, but it turns out the donor instead claim the fetus was her child.

Well now that you know what Disadvantages and Advantages of IVF, only you can decide whether you are going to do IVF or not. Hopefully this information is helpful :).

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