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Yoga Facial Cheek To Shrink – Chubby cheeks or “chubby” may not be liked by sebagain people. They prefer face gaunt with a sharp jaw and taut. It was, for them, it would seem more proportional because there is no fat in the cheeks. Cara menghaluskan kulit kaki



Is chubby cheeks can be scaled down? Of course, I can. For those who have a fat wallet, you can use the board’s cheek or plastic surgery. However, for those who do not want to spend a lot of money, you do not need to worry. There is another way that does not even require a fee, that is by doing yoga.

Yoga, with certain poses techniques, can make your face smaller. In addition, he will also make the face look smooth and fresh. You only need perseverance in performing a variety of techniques such as yoga can not change the conditions in a fast manner. Yoga is natural, therefore it takes a little longer.

Yoga movement techniques to shrink the cheek is with yoga or yoga facial face. These techniques are legion, as will be explained in the following: First, smilling fish frenzy. This technique is done by moving a face like everyone smiling and clenching your teeth together. Resist the movement subs five seconds and repeat up to 10 times. Second, lion face or the face of a lion. The trick is to seulurh tense facial muscles by moving it fast. Hold for five seconds and loosen as before.

Third, cheek puff. This technique is done by inhaling air through the mouth and hold it until the cheek bulges. Hold this movement for five seconds and remove. Repeat the above from left cheek to right cheek repeated up to 10 times. Fourth, the movement of lips pursed like to be kissed. Repeat for 5 seconds and repeat up to ten times. Can also added by moving the tongue to the cheek.

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