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You Confident?

Confident plays an important role in one’s success. We could miss the good opportunity if we do not trust ourselves. The crisis of confidence is one of the major deterrents in the act. Not only hesitate to act, not act at all. The question is, do you believe in yourself? Here are the characteristics of people who do not believe in yourself, please check yourself.



Discuss Ugliness of Others

When a person feels himself “ugly” he would try to find a friend and make others to look better than him. Therefore, he will talk to other people so impressed kejelakan no better than him. If anyone else has been revealed ugliness so he feels that he does not become one of the most ugly. Ugly here is not in the physical problem but the behavior and capabilities. If you are often dealing with people who like to talk about the ugliness of others, beware one day you will have a turn to speak.

Not Rewarding Work of Others

Because he was not able to produce good work, the work of others is never appreciated. Once again he was afraid someone else is considered better than him. He just want to appreciate the work of someone who has been generally recognized. For example, he does not appreciate her singing while she just want to appreciate the song of a famous artist, but could have been singing her better.

Actually there are many other traits, but these two features stand out enough that we often encounter. Essentially characteristics of people that the crisis of confidence is not like anyone else is considered better than him. While he admitted that his heart was no better, the way out is by putting others or the work of others.

Someone who is confident, she will not care how other people’s work or what is done by other people, because he felt unable to do the same or better. People who believe themselves to be able to recognize the greatness of others in the field, because he was convinced that he also had an excess of another field.

What is important is that we should not be arrogant. Confident different from the arrogant. People who lack confidence often accuse people who are confident with the arrogant, but they are different. Snob was felt himself better than others, while confidence is convinced that he has tremendous potential gift of God.

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