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Causes and How to Overcome BREATH
Bad breath often becomes a problem in itself in the association. Foul mouth odor can make the other person feel uncomfortable. That is why, bad breath often make one’s self-confidence decreased. As a result, there is a sense of inferiority when going to talk to the other person. Of course the problem of bad breath is not a trivial issue. People who suffer from the problem of bad breath may not realize that emit odors mouth when speaking. On the other hand, his interlocutor was also reluctant to tell it.

Cause of bad breath
Bad breath itself does not appear just like that without any cause. This problem is actually triggered by several things. Among some of these are:

 Food
Food is meant here is the type of food that has such a sharp aroma of banana, jengkol, onion, garlic, and so that if eaten potentially causing odor and stabbed in the mouth, even after brushing your teeth.

 Bacteria
Bad breath can be triggered by the proliferation of bacteria in the mouth. The proliferation of bacteria is usually associated with the condition of cavities. Tooth itself becomes the hideout of various microorganisms other than the tongue. They subsequently proliferate and secrete toxins and bad odor.

 bad habits
Smoking and chewing tobacco is not a good habit that can trigger bad mouth odor. For smokers, the smell of mouth is often the common obstacles that they experienced. Therefore, try to reduce this habit gradually. therefore start yourself with good habits starts with Healthy Habits Morning.

 Problems in the abdomen
Maag was also able to bring the bad breath when burping. Low-carbohydrate diet with foods known to cause ketosis or condition triggers the burning of fat in the body odor.

 crypts
Crypts is the trigger of halitosis (a condition where there are odors when breathing). Location of tonsil crypts are in the hole. If the tonsils are too wide and clumping, the odor will accumulate in the hole. The blob sometimes smells and trigger bad breath.

How to cope with bad breath
For those of you who experience unpleasant mouth odor problems, there are some easy solutions to overcome this. Here are simple ways recommended by some experts oral health as quoted from several sources:

 Brushing your teeth and tongue
In addition to brushing, brushing the tongue when done regularly and correctly can reduce the problem of bad breath. Brush the tongue on the back when you use a type of toothpaste that contains fluoride. It dukup effectively kill the bacteria trigger bad breath. From a previous study in mind that brushing the tongue is able to reduce bad breath by 70%.

 Gargling
Gargling also been proven to reduce bad breath. If you want to rinse, then gargle using peroxide because it is able to kill the bacteria that cause bad breath.

 Flossing
Clean teeth and between them using dental floss or flossing can try because it is quite an effective way to clean up leftover food in between teeth. In addition, flossing can remove plaque on the teeth.

 Eat yogurt or chewing gum types of Xylitol
For those people with bad breath, try the consumption of yogurt bacteria in the intestine that can be replenished. in addition, the type of xylitol chewing gum to minimize bad breath. Chewing gum is known to increase the amount of saliva to rinse bacteria in the mouth. In addition, you can also consume celery and parsley which is antibacterial and antifungal.

 Drink
Drinking water can also be a solution in order to remove residual food in the mouth is left behind. Drinking water is also recommended to eliminate the unpleasant aroma in the mouth due to the condition of dry mouth. This condition can occur due to a lack of fluid, the effects of certain drugs or breathing in the mouth. Therefore, diabetic complications it is highly recommended for you to consume white ait.

 Check Sinus
Sinuses can also cause bad breath. Sinus infection is the underlying cause of bad breath emergence

These ways you can try to reduce the problem of bad breath. Easy enough to be practiced instead? If these methods were still not managed to help you reduce and overcome bad breath, then consult this issue together with your dentist. May be useful.

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