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As a married woman and several children, of the female organs (vagina) will loose is not tight as before. That makes it less harmosnis household, it is implied when you’re having sex, which was originally a romantic and tempestuous be reduced because of the problem of female organs. As a wife must be desire to be able to give the best to your partner. Immediately solve the problem of femininity before your husband’s comment and turned to another woman ..

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But not to worry because there are still ways to rejuvenate or tighten your vaginal muscles. How to? Ie with Kegel exercises, toning technique is very simple but the same benefits with powerful herbal medicine. How to treat vaginal tarnish Because so simple Kegel exercises is that you have to do every day on a regular basis.

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How can you do this Kegel exercises?
The trick, try as during urination, you hold the stream of urine, just a moment. If you feel any muscle movement, well, that’s your vaginal muscles. Tips and how to tighten vagina Kegel exercises also started that way. When you urinate, try to resist the flow of water, approximately 1 minute only for the first exercise.

After that, the urine can you spend it all. But, if you want to succeed more quickly, try to do three times the arrests during urination, holding time is continually added. Exercises Kegel exercises are very flexible because it can be done anywhere and anytime. when you are in a desk chair, making yet seated, while driving a vehicle even in the shower.

How Overcoming muddy Vagina this exercise is based on a strong will because not all women are able to do so even though it looks very easy. In the development of these exercises can be done by men. in men muscular work more easily observed from the outside than women. this can be seen from the penis movement “up and down” in a state of erection. men who have been trained will get more intense orgasms so as to prevent premature ejaculation and shortening the time to be ready to have sex again.

Benefits of Kegel exercises, among others.

  • increase sexual satisfaction during sex because of stronger traction vagina
  • assist in the process of pregnancy is easier childbirth without much tearing of the birth canal
  • ambein or prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids
  • prevent “small wetting” when sneezing and coughing

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