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To make it easier to get your mango fruit helps you grow it yourself in your yard or around the house. Grafting is the easiest way to breed a mango tree. This dalah easiest and fastest way to get a mango with good quality such as derivatives so that the result will be maximal.

source by www.pelajarelit.net

source by www.pelajarelit.net

By grafting you will get a mango tree with quality as the parent tree and the way this is the best option to choose and produce fruit in keeping with what we expect. Pohn grafting mango way is easy, you just need to do a few ways to do it.

What’s the advantages of planting fruit by way of grafting?

By adding the benefits of the plant by means of grafting are among others:

You will get the same yield and fruit quality as its parent.
The tree will bear fruit more quickly with quality similar to its parent.
How to plant by grafting different from planting the seeds. If you choose to plant the seeds that will take a long time to grow large trees and fruit. Even planted through seeds need a very long time to bear fruit. In contrast to the grafting method that only takes a few years for you to enjoy the fruits of his otherwise it will tend to be the same as the parent is different from planting using seeds that sometimes the taste and quality of the fruit is often different from the parent.

Disadvantages of this method phon mango cultivation by way of grafting, the tree has a root fibers that tend to be brittle making it easier robohjika compared with the planting method by using seeds that produce a strong taproot and sturdy.

Dikatangkan root fibers can have as a drawback but also bida be regarded as an advantage. Advantages of plants with root fibers will be very fit and suitable if you are planting around your home because the roots tend libih not damage the foundation of your home, this will be very different if you plant a mango seed in your home. Planting mango via seeds, roots will more easily penetrate the foundation walls of your home.

Another drawback of the method is the production plant by grafting produced by the plant less when compared with the production of the fruit produced by planting the seed.

After knowing the weaknesses and strengths of the plant by grafting the way I would invite you to know, how well grafting mango trees. For mango tree grafting tools and materials you need are:

Seuah sharp knife and not rusty
Rope, you can use a string of plastic or leather bamboo
Or a transparent plastic can also use the coconut fibers to seal the grafts later.
Ground, select a fertile soil and tends to damp.
Step by step how to transplant mango tree


Search trunk mains with ukura moderate, preferably not too big and not too small.
Choose a good stem not too young and not too old.
Give sekiar distance of 10 cm from the parent tree trunk
Peel the skin from the mango tree trunk to be implanted approximately 5 cm in length
Setelaah peeled scrape the cambium of the tree trunk slowly by using your knife.
Close the peel using a moist and fertile soil
Wrap the land by using plastics or by using coconut fibers and connective at both ends so that the soil does not fall.

Thus was the process of grafting mango trees and do the treatment so that the roots of a mango tree growing fast. If you do a transplant in the rainy season may be easier to grow, but if you do a transplant in the dry season you need to flush the soil with water every day and do rutin.Untuk do your watering can release fastener upper part slightly and then open it to water, if you do not want to open up the rope, you can open a little hole to flush the soil later. In contrast to using the cover fibers, if you use coconut fibers penutupp, you can immediately douse.

After a few weeks the roots will grow at about shadows shelled and covered by soil. After the age of about 2 to 3 weeks and the root of the grafts are considered immediately cut grafts and plant it in the soil loose and fertile. Once you plant the outcome of grafts do treatment every day to water it regularly.

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