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source : www.webmd.com

source : www.webmd.com

How to Overcome Flu and Colds In Children
Flu and colds are very susceptible to cold weather conditions or on rainy days.

The flu and colds are caused by viruses that can be easily transmitted through direct or indirect contact with the patient.

In the rainy season, the growth of bacteria, viruses, fungus and other microbial pathogens so quickly. At the same time, the body condition decreased immune system, especially in children who did not have a strong immune system.

Flu and colds usually characterized by symptoms such as fever, cough, blocked nose, body fatigue, headaches, or sneezing as well as inflammation of the throat.

Under these conditions, children who suffer from colds can make children become fussy, so we as parents Treat Flu and Colds must be very concerned about the condition of the child’s body.

Treatment of flu and colds, people generally trust antibiotics to treat the common cold. But the real use of antibiotics just to relieve the symptoms and not be able to fight the virus that infect the body.

How to fight the virus that causes colds and flu can only be overcome by the body’s immune resistance. So the best way to speed up this deadly virus pathogens by enhancing the immune system such as eating food that is contained in four of five perfectly healthy.

Flu treatment for children under 2 years are not recommended with the use of drugs made from chemicals because they feared inflammation in the digestive child.

Drug delivery is only intended to reduce the heat and fever children.

In general, oral medication is reserved in adults or children over the age of 5 years and must be in accordance with the appropriate dose or through the guidance and advice of a doctor.

Drug delivery in the form of a syrup which is rich in Vitamin C and some vitamins to boost immunity and is not intended to fight the flu virus, because it only stimulates the virus mutates so that the virus would be more resistant to the drugs.

Oral medication to relieve the symptoms of flu and colds such as:


Decongestants intended to relieve nasal congestion by suppressing the production of mucus in our body.
But the side effects while taking decongestants can raise blood pressure, heart rate and so on.
Administration of drugs in children can lead to disorders such as anxiety, dry mouth, dizziness and drowsiness.


Expectorant drugs is just to relieve cough but oabat long-term use or high doses can cause irritation of the stomach.


Other drugs that can relieve cold symptoms such as antihistamines. Antihistamines is intended to mitigate symptoms such as runny nose tersembat. In addition, these antihistamines can also relieve runny nose due to allergies.

Side effects of antihistamines in the form of a mild disturbance of consciousness (somnolence), drowsiness, dry mouth, urinary retention in, palpitations (heart rate disorders), eczema and can make seizures in individuals with disorders of the central nervous system.

Cough suppressant drugs

A cough suppressant medication to alleviate cough disorders. Side effects of these drugs similar to drugs such as impaired CHAPTER body, brake eyes and nausea.

How to Overcome Flu and Colds In Children by avoiding the use of chemical-based drugs without the consent of a pediatrician. Taradisional should choose a drug to treat a disease Flu and Colds children other than chemical drugs.

Improve the immune system of children, especially in the rainy season or in cold weather, and avoid contact with the patient is the best way to prevent the outbreak of disease Flu and Colds this.

Feeding contained in four of five perfectly healthy and is a must eat your children.

Hopefully How to Overcome Flu and Colds In Children above could be of significance in educating and caring for children.

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