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Indication of one’s feelings and the condition can be seen from the eyes, if he is happy, sad, healthy, sick and so on. The eyes are one of the very unique and able to “represent” us. All that is our body is extremely important, including the eye, for it must needs be that we know how to take care of the eyes to stay healthy, fresh and clean. Not a few among us who love to beautify themselves with add-makeup makeup specific to our eyes, the ultimate goal is to add to her appeal and beautify themselves. Unfortunately, sometimes we just forget to keep and care to stay healthy eyes fresh and clean.

Before we discuss together about how to care for the eyes to stay healthy, fresh and clean we look out together any problems that often exist in our eyes. Obviously this issue very much at all, but on this occasion there are a few that we want to convey through this article,

source by www.areakesehatan.com

source by www.areakesehatan.com

how to care for the eyes to stay healthy

Eyestrain, eye fatigue caused by many factors such as too long watching television, working long hours in front of a computer or laptop and a few other similar activities undertaken in quite a long time and continuously. Have friends heard the term computer vision syndrome, or often abbreviated as CVS, simply googling for more details, we want to say here is only limited signs of the disorder is that the most obvious is the result of the eye “to” dry and according to some health experts it is potentially causing a myopic eye.

Bags under the eyes or the eyes seem to swell, this is a condition where the emerging wrinkles that form on the bottom of the eye (lids) where the formation is impressed hanging like a bag and as a result is the impression of old and looked exhausted or always tired at the owner’s eyes, whereas kodisinya fine. jual baju anak murah Here the problem, because there are problems in the concerned eyes looked very tired and lacking a fresh face.

How to care for the eyes to stay healthy

Of the two problems we made above reminds us that our eyes need to be cared for, and we must know how to take care to stay healthy, fresh and clean. But before we get into the matter to take care of the eyes that can be done everyday, we try to find out first how to handle disturbances in the eye as we wrote above,

For tired eyes for reasons which we have mentioned above can be solved in several ways, among others,

Pay attention to the lighting in the room
Adjust the brightness of the monitor screen us, ask for advice to the experts
Always rest your eyes every 20 minutes, walk for a while
Look for a view of the distant object distance
When clicking a break-right eye try to frequently flashing
While working in front of the monitor there is also a good idea to frequently flashing
Frequent blinking will avoid dry eyes, do approximately 10 times per minute
Every now and then do the movement “eye exercises” that is a combination of flashing and continue turning a blind eye
When closing the eyes is to add a roll your eyes clockwise and reverse
When the above activities carried out accompanied by regulating the breath and open your eyes slowly
There are also advised to wash the face when a short break in order to refresh and cool
For maximum results, consult your eye doctor
Then for eye bags, how to care for the eyes to stay healthy which is widely recommended,

Clean the face with a face wash and dry way
Use a mask from honey
There are 2 ways much recommended here, the first is the direct use of honey, and the second is to make a mask of honey with honey mencapurkan way with the contents of a vitamin E capsule
For the first manner after clean the face area, can directly apply the honey in the area under the eyes, let stand 10 minutes and rinse with cold water
For the second way the same way that the first just before the honey is mixed first with the contents of a vitamin E capsule and rinse with warm water
OUR MESSAGE, because it concerns the area of ​​the eye that is sensitive enough then NO GOOD THIS FIRST CONSULT WITH YOUR DOCTOR EYES or with YOUR BEAUTY CONSULTANT, ask experienced
For eye bags that arise because of fatigue was suggested by some experts beauty to mengompresnya it with cold water or can also use cucumber cooled first in the fridge and then cut and diberihkan.

How to care for healthy and fresh eyes

Enough sleep is one way that the eye care for healthy and fresh, with enough sleep anatara 7 to 8 hours to be able to reduce the incidence of inflammation in the eye. Kuranya sleep will cause a very annoying eye bags. Moreover inflammation in the eye can also cause dark areas around the eyes. Especially for those who work nights or overtime is often a good idea to balance the hours of sleep.

There is also advice to reduce salt intake, the reason is because the food is loaded with salt content can sustain the onset of swelling in the eye. Why is that? theoretically it is said that this salt is hold water. To menimbanginya and discard triggers puffiness and inflammation also are advised to drink lots of water (8 glasses per day).

To get a healthy eye, fresh and clean perbanyaklah clicking consumption of fruits and vegetables are good for the eyes. Refferensi of some books that we try to learn and practice several types of fruits and vegetables recommended, among others, spinach, kale, cassava leaves, citrus and other fruits that contain vitamin C and E are quite high.

Similarly, an article on how to care for the eyes to stay healthy, fresh and clean we present, all materials contained herein are summary results from various sources, both on the internet and books on beauty and health. Hopefully useful and can be used as material all the time you consult a personal physician or your beauty consultant.

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