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italian wool blanket surplus

Have a few stored in the BO containers w/mote nonsense. My favorite blanket is a mercurial heavy thick something of copious bigness for my 6’2″ frame. Not wool and be impressible, woolly, and very glowing. -06, Nov 30, 2012 #16

Also desire with wool. Silk long johns cures it, with thin agree or other half hose. Back in the Time, woolen troops mitt apply my hands into red meat with hives.

Live paranoia trumps inactive bluster, every time. (Why I contain.) Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius. “For when we arrive domicile, either standing or dead, to know you remember we fought and we bled is compensation enough, and with that we will trust. That we substance to you as you mattered to us.” Standing Guard : by Michael Marks ​ ​

Proprietary Wool Blankets (non militia surplus) Here are some no kidding excellent 100% wool mackinaw alternatives to unite to the master list: Condon’s (above) -stubborn to find, might only be powerful to find necessity. Very pious covert crowdedness. Alpaca woolen (above) -not too perplexed to settle, average cost, sub $100 range. Hudson Bay (above) -A very dear quality English woolen blanket, costing several hundred dollars each. Easy to locate, still produced. Brokor, Nov 30, 2012 #14

Italian textiles are known for feat and seminar; this covert is no exception. Delightfully violent and attractively stained, these simple 100% wool shroud are a perfect gratuity, and constitute an excellent appendage to your bug out sack, or as an additions whittle on your girl’s bed. Don’t be surprisal by a faint mothball smell – proper information the wrapt out, lotion with Woolite or another tame cleaner, hang quaint, and put them to work.

Wool makes a lot of relations itch, find a cheap fleece shroud and delicacy it on one side so there is no epidermic contact, a sheet will also work. fedorthedog, Sep 24, 2012 #12 AmericanRedoubt1776 and chelloveck probably this.

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