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Alternative medicine cupping further enliven the world of health in Indonesia in recent years hotel.Not only in Indonesia, in the US alone cupping method has been carried out by several well-known public figure in Hollywood, including actress Demi Moore and Gwyneth Paltrow as well as Britney Spears who had also been at the bruise soleh Dr. Petra Zizenbacher of Vienna, Austria, an expert on herbal medicine which apply the method cupping (cupping) and Leech (Leech Therapy).


source by rumahsehatarasy.blogdetik.com

source by rumahsehatarasy.blogdetik.com

What’s Cupping?

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Alternative medicine offers healing various diseases at a price much cheaper than medical treatment.

Alternative medicine is derived from the Middle East. The word itself is a bruise hijamah translation of the word in Arabic which is the origin of the word al-hajmu which means membekam. Making meaning al hijamah or suction cupping is defined as events with a tool resembling a tube of blood, bleeding from the skin surface with incision.

By doing inhalation or vakumisasi then formed a negative pressure inside the cup / letterhead, causing fluid drainage of excess body (bad blood) followed toxins, eliminate adhesions / adhesion of connective tissue and will drain the blood “clean” to the surface of the skin and muscle tissue are experiencing stagnation and stimulate the peripheral nervous system. Berbekam is a method of treatment of a classic that has been used in treating a variety of disorders diseases such as hemophilia, hypertension, gout, rheumatism, arthritis, sciatica, back pain (back pain), migraine, vertigo, anxiety (anxiety) as well as other common ailments both physical and mental.

Cupping is distinguished by two types, namely:

Dry cupping, cupping process of this type carried out by sucking the surface of the skin and massage the surrounding area without removing the dirty blood. Dry Cupping is believed to relieve pain in an emergency or used to relieve the pain of the muscles of the back due to illness rheumatic diseases also cause the pain of his back. Often this type of cupping is applied to people who are afraid of needles and fear the sight of blood. Dibekam skin will appear red blackish for 3 days.

Cupping wet in the process of cupping therapy of this kind carried out after dry cupping, dilanjuti to injure the skin surface with a sharp needle that has been sterilized, then the surrounding sucked with cupping tool set and a hand pump to bleed. Believed to be the blood that comes out dirty blood. The duration of each suction 3 to 5 minutes, and a maximum of 9 minutes, Depending on the disease, in certain cases allows the process can take longer.

Blood Cupping

The perpetrators of the medical shocked by the statement of scientists Damascus, Muhammad Amin Syaikhu in scientific articles extraordinary about cupping therapy and public knowledge about the mechanisms of healing derived from the practice of cupping is located on the cleaned body from broken blood that inhibits the passage of the functions and duties of the body perfectly, so that the body becomes easy prey for various diseases. [2]

The blood that comes out through the process of cupping seen from the results of laboratory studies of blood. Based on that research, look things as follows:

Cupping the blood that contains one-tenth of the levels of white blood cells (leukocytes) in the blood of normal. It is seen in all the cases studied, without exception. This fact indicates that the cupping therapy remains protecting and simultaneously strengthen the immune system elements.

The erythrocytes (red blood cells), all red blood cells have an abnormal shape, meaning that the cells are not able to perform activities, while also inhibiting other cells that are young and active. It mengindkasikan that the cupping process throwing red blood cells are damaged and are no longer needed blood while maintaining the white blood cells in the body.

Bonding capacity of iron in the blood is very high cupping (550-1100), one thing that indicates that the bruise maintain iron in the body do not come out with blood ejected with a bruise as the beginning of the use of iron in the formation of young cells the new one.
Modern Cupping Therapy in America and Europe

Lately, research on methods of cupping / cupping done. Research includes healing mechanisms, ways of working, as well as the health benefits of cupping. One study that surfaced was conducted by Dr. Amir Muhammad Salih. He is a guest lecturer at the University Chichago, which is also an award-winning American field of natural medicine as well as part of the Organisation of Alternative Medicine in America.

According to him, cupping treatment with the center and has been studied in the medical curriculum in America. It is motivated by the phenomenon of cupping treatment that is proven to be beneficial for those who perform the treatment with a bruise stimulated the nerve point of the body as well as acupuncture.

But what distinguishes cupping therapy with acupuncture therapy acupuncture therapy is the resultant reaction was limited stimulation, whereas the cupping therapy in addition to the process of excitation, is also a process of the movement of blood flow.

Similar disclosed by Dr.Ahmad Abdus Sami, Head of the Division of Hepatology Hospital Egyptian Army. He noted, “Research also shows, such as the removal of a portion of blood cupping therapy proved able to recover faster reaction to treatment that could be applied sebakai cupping therapy assistant medical treatment.”

Results of the experiments that have been done Dr. Amir in patients infected with hepatitis C virus and have fairly high levels of iron in their blood. After the patients were treated and given medication Interferon bruise and Riboviron have a positive reaction and increases immunity. Whereas pre-intervention reactions to the drug barely reacted.

However, there is still little information that can support alternative therapy cupping from the medical aspect. Further research is still needed about the side effects that may result from such therapy.

Still recommended patients who are interested to undergo cupping treatment to further consult with a physician. Because in addition to treatment at clinics offer cupping therapy receiving a share of public trust to be part of the process of treatment of the disease, this therapy has been no supporting elements that mengakreditasif feasibility of academic knowledge that human health therapy.

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