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Breast cancer is a cancer that occurs in breast tissue with most sufferers are women. But do not rule out the possibility that the disease can man even though the risk is very small. Every disease has a cause and effect, this disease is no exception. There are several ways to prevent breast cancer that can be done to avoid the disease.

source by memikat.com

source by memikat.com

How To Prevent Breast Cancer
How To Prevent Breast Cancer

Here are some tips to prevent breast cancer that you can do include:
Keeping weight
Avoid alcohol because by consuming more than one drink containing alcohol a day may increase the risk by 20% -25%.
Consuming fruits and vegetables such as broccoli, sprouts, cabbage, berries, citrus fruits, cherries. And preferably in cooking, made briefly or by eating them raw.
Regular exercise at least 30 minutes a day.
Minimize consumption of saturated fats, trans fats and omega-6 and omega-3 fatty maximize example in fish, monounsaturated fat because it is anti-cancer.
Consuming carbohydrates in proportion or it can replace with nuts that have high fiber.
Consuming soy products regularly eg tofu, tempeh, milk.
Avoiding environmental pollution and non-organic products wash before eating to clean pesticide attached.
Positive minded and reduce or quit smoking.
Breastfeeding or breast-feeding.

Factors a person has this disease can not be known with certainty, but there are some influences that cause breast cancer include reproductive factors with the main risk is that increasing age, the use of the hormone estrogen, fibrocystic disease, obesity, consumption of saturated fats, trans fats and omega 6 excessively, radiation, genetic factors or one of the family members are suffering from this disease.

Although the way to overcome breast cancer have been done, it is good to recognize the symptoms of cancer and can be done alone. The signs include:
There is a lump in the breast, but not hurt.
Itch and rash or inflammation that occurs continuously in the area around the nipple.
There is bleeding or there is an unusual liquid coming out of the nipple.
Swelling and thickening of the skin of the breast.
The skin on the breasts shrink.
Snapping the nipple inward.

Not only with its own investigation, but it is also required medical examination. grosir baju murah Clinical examination carried out in case of bumps and discharge from the nipple and breast changes are not uncommon. Then do a program to detect abnormal changes in the density or the presence of calcium deposits. Doing ultra scan to detect specific areas or to detect abnormal conditions seen on a mammogram. To obtain a clear and convincing then performed a scan Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

The content and good food as tips to prevent breast cancer that can be taken are:
Selenium is a content that can be found in nuts, whole Cereal, brazil nuts, seafood, eggs, fruit, lean meat because it can kill cancer cells and is able to limit the ability of cells to proliferate.

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