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source : google.com

Tips to get rid of cellulite
Cellulite on thighs must be very annoying and makes And feel less confident, especially if you want to wear shorts or underwear showing any tips to eliminate cellulite part of your thigh. The presence of cellulite makes you less confident to use the mini clothes, you have cellulite on thighs can try several ways to remove cellulite in the thighs as follows:

Coffee powder

How to eliminate cellulite quickly using coffee powder is quite popular among women because of the natural way this has been recognized and proven efficacy even some Hollywood celebrities use natural way to help eliminate cellulite interfere in the skin of his body, including in the thigh.

tips eliminate cellulite There are two ways that you can try, the first is to mix coffee grounds with your body lotion. Rub a mixture of these two materials on the body that there is cellulite while rubbed gently a few minutes, thereafter leave for 30 minutes before cleaning.

The second way is by mixing the powdered coffee with sugar and coconut oil, stirring until all three ingredients into one. Use a mixture of all three for scrubbing the skin surface Overcome Flu of the body that there is cellulite. Make a circular motion while the massage progresses and let stand for a few minutes and then rinsed.

Dry brush

tips Brush gently eliminate cellulite thighs that there are a lot of cellulite for a few minutes before you clean the body. Do this on a regular basis which serves to improve blood circulation.

Apple vinegar

Besides good to get rid of cellulite on thighs, apple vinegar can also be used to eliminate cellulite in your calves. To begin to remove cellulite in the calf with apple cider vinegar, you have to provide pure apple vinegar and honey. Both are mixed into one, the calf massage using this material for several minutes, then wrap the calf using a towel and plastic wrap for at least 60 minutes.

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