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adneksita symptoms and constant characteristic symptom is pain adneksita. Usually, the pain occurs periodically and are in the lower abdomen, it can be given in the sacral or lumbar spine. Often, signs of inflammation may disappear, and pain at the same time remain and can be amplified in various diseases, refrigeration, emotional and physical stress.



If time does not begin treatment, the disease becomes chronic adnexitis, whose treatment is more difficult. Chronic adnexitis characterized by constant periods of exacerbation. The main manifestation of chronic inflammation of the appendages – menstrual disorder, which affects most patients diagnosed with “adneksit”. Become painful menstruation, in the discharge can be as heavy and scarce. Read also¬†for pregnant women proses keluarnya bayi dari rahim

Often there premenstrual and postmenstrual selection.

Pain during adnexitis disease accompanied neuropsychiatric changes such as lack of sleep, decreased performance, irritability, fatigue. The rate of infertility patients adnexitis women reaches 60-70%.

Adneksita Therapies

Adneksita treatment is to adopt a package of measures to detect and remove the causative agent. A network of medical clinics experienced “Health” will conduct a series of tests, swabs to determine the sensitivity of the pathogen to certain antibiotics, and then pick up for you individual treatment.

  • broad-spectrum antibiotics
  • antisensitizer
  • anti-inflammatory drugs
  • anesthetics
  • If the patient has purulent inflammation of the way, doctors use laparoscopy. During this procedure, the manure is removed and antibacterial drugs are administered directly into the center of inflammation. Patients with acute adnexitis require bed rest.

Biostimulyators physiotherapy and applied only after an acute inflammation is removed.

Chronic treated adnexitis

  • desensitization therapy
  • Anti-inflammatory therapy
  • anesthetics
  • Physiotherapy
  • receive immunostimulatory and vitamins
  • balneotherapy
  • ozokeritnye applications and mud
  • a course of pelvic massage baths and vaginal

Chronic inflammation of the appendages (adnexitis) – is quite dangerous disease, which leads to serious consequences. This, in any case, can not run. In order to avoid serious health problems, we advise you to visit a network of clinics “Health” regularly and undergo a detailed examination. vivagoal situs berita bola terkini

Remember, if the time to identify and eliminate the threat, will not have to resort to a long and radical treatment of serious sexual diseases.

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