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Sensitive teeth is often a minor problem that can interfere with your daily activities. How to cope with tooth ache due to cold drinks or food with a sour taste real easy. However, you must consider the level of sensitive tooth decay because if it is severe then there is no cure and must be patched.

The Ancients, especially the area of Java, can not be separated from the activity chew of betel chewing or call nginang . The combination of dry tobacco, flower magnolia, betel leaf and other ingredients proven to maintain healthy teeth naturally. The problem of sensitive teeth is certainly not never experienced in his time, problems arise when you are too busy with work, do not pay attention to the quality of food as well as drinks and lazy to clean their teeth properly.


What Causes Sensitive Teeth Appear?

The characteristics of sensitive teeth is the emergence of a sense of pain that is sharp and last a short time while enjoying food or drink hot, cold, sour and sweet. You’ve been there?

According to statistics one sensitive toothpaste products, the number of people with sensitive teeth in Indonesia reached 45%. Very likely I nor you get into the class. Here Causes Sensitive Teeth You Need To Note

  • Thinning enamel or changing the position of the gums
  • How to brush your teeth are still one and the detriment of the health
  • The habit of moving the teeth while sleeping or silent
  • Hormonal changes dramatically in women who are pregnant
  • Less intake of vitamins and minerals to the teeth since I was in the womb
  • The use of toothpaste is not suitable continuously
  • The signs of the emergence of other diseases such as diabetes

How to Overcome the True Sensitive Teeth?

  1. Scrubbing Teeth With Good And Right

    Enamel erosion can occur if you are not diligent in cleaning the teeth or how to do that is not right. Avoid using a brush with coarse fur and do not squeeze the brush in excess because it can damage the outer layer of the tooth slowly. Do regularly at least 2 times a day morning and evening.

  1. Note intake of Vitamins and Minerals

    In addition to teaching the habit of cleaning your teeth regularly, vitamin and mineral intake is enough to prevent sensitive teeth appear in children. Phosphorus is a compound that forms a layer of email and there is lots of chicken, fish, eggs, grains, legumes and whole grains.

  1. Select Toothpaste High-yield Floride

    Fluoride is a chemical in toothpaste that works to protect the teeth from being decayed and hollow. You need to know, the content of fluoride toothpaste children and adults are different because if it is too high, it can damage children’s teeth. For good, select a special toothpaste for sensitive teeth .

  1. Special Tips For Sensitive Teeth

    Once you choose a toothpaste with high fluoride levels, brush your teeth at night without rinsing with water. Enough spit to remove the foam in your mouth. How to cope with sensitive teeth is to maintain fluoride remain attached to the outer layer of teeth so that the sense of pain quickly disappeared.

  1. If Sensitive Teeth Already Severe

    Consult a dentist in order to get proper medical treatment. Usually the doctor will perform dental fillings or treatment of nerve so the pain of sensitive teeth can be quickly resolved.

The problem of sensitive teeth is not a disease but a disorder of the teeth caused by erosion of the outer layer thus triggering the emergence of a sense of pain in the teeth.

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