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pregnant characteristics Pregnancy priceless boon for a mother and so must be protected and treated early. Pregnancy has a definite sign and uncertain. Feature certainly not in the form of a physical sign while without of course is the fetus in the mother’s womb.
Physical characteristics of early pregnancy sometimes occurs in a woman, but sometimes it does not show up. Before using pregnancy test kits typically a mother will see the signs that appear in her first. Below are some of the physical characteristics of early pregnancy

pregnant characteristics

1. Menstrual cycle stops

In women with regular menstrual cycles usually can determine when she will be coming month so that when the period comes too late could be the first sign that appears when pregnant, but missed period can also be influenced by many factors such as hormonal, physical stress and psychological stress.
2. breasts enlarged and swollen
This occurs because of hormonal changes in body and will disappear after passing through the first trimester. Breasts may be more painful and sensitive than during menstruation.
3. Easy to feel tired
In particular woman’s fatigue can cause unconsciousness and even so it is better to keep physical activity so it is not too tired. Fatigue is experienced during early pregnancy only and will improve the second trimester. After that, the body will return to normal conditions. Read Do not Fear Exercising During Pregnancy .
4.A Experiencing Nausea and Vomiting
Usually more severe in the morning so called morning sickness, but can also occur throughout the day.
5. Frequent urination
This happens because the signs of pregnancy pregnant women store more water so that the liquids are processed by the kidney more. In pregnancy older, in addition to the amount of fluid increases as well as the suppression of the bladder by the uterus.
6. Acne
 rising influence of hormones make acne go out again like as a teenager. Be careful if you are going to use the acne medication because the drugs that contain accutane and high doses of vitamin A can cause birth defects.
7. Basal Body Temperature Remains High
The meaning of the basal body temperature is the temperature measured in the morning when you wake up and still in tempat sleep . Use a thermometer placed under the tongue to measure it. If during 18 consecutive days of your basal temperature remains high it is possible that you are pregnant.

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