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5 Crucial Questions Before Writing on A Blog

All bloggers would want article “out of the box”, stand out, special, different from the existing one, though perhaps discussing the same thing. All bloggers would also like to not glance his eye, can be enjoyed to the full, and ultimately deliver exceptional value to its readers. And yes, even though this word sounds a bit boring, but surely all agree this is key: the quality.


The question is, what benchmarks a quality, if there is value numbers? is there a percentage parameter? is there a formula? There is no. Quality is abstractive and can not be calculated or assessed with numbers. But, once again, all would agree if the quality can be felt.

Well, this time, I would like to invite my friend all 5 asking this question, which I think is very important before my friend decided to write an article based on a topic.

“Well, ya I’m going to write”. So kuranglebihnya conversation in mind when buddy began to open the post editor and set fingers dance on the keyboard.

But eeeitt, wait!

Should you write the topic? As a blogger, man certainly can not arbitrarily make decisions and recklessly wrote a blog article without thinking first. The answer of course depends on a number of factors.

Well, the following factors should be my friend ask before deciding: “Okay, I wrote ah.” .. Or … “Ah, just find another subject …”

1. Are there other people who have written the topics to be buddy wrote?

What would my friend wrote? Is it really had no one else who wrote it. Does my friend had ever read it? Answers to these questions will affect all the answers to the four questions.

If the topics to be my friend wrote had never be covered by other bloggers, so my friend had to make formula reason. Are the topics that will be written will be interesting and needed by others? Do other people need the information in the article? Or is this topic so controversial that no one else who could write it? Consider the blog readers, the objectives of the activity of blogging friend, and targets of the article was written before deciding to write. It is important to see whether it is appropriate for the topic is presented in the blog.

If the topic was about to write my friend had never been covered by other bloggers (and most did), go to question two.

2. Does my friend can write better articles from other articles with similar topics?

If you want buddy blog article written already covered and written by blogger / media / other publishers, need to think about whether my friend was able to write better than existing ones. This is important because the article my friend MUST be different from existing ones in order to produce something different and quality. One topic could be written and published by many blogs, as much as anything, but only one or two were able to stand out because it is supported by the uniqueness / originality and quality.

Quality is very important. So do not rush to take and write a topic not sure if my friend could write better than existing ones. Without this concept, man will only give treats the same as the others. In the end, well …, the reader bored and it sounded just finished articles passing.

3. Can my friend gives a unique viewpoint on the topic to be written?
If my friend decided to keep writing down existing topics, consider whether the friend can provide a unique viewpoint that topic that has never been covered by another article.

The following question is this, if my friend had a personal experience and is unique on the topic that can be shared? Or if my friend had a level of understanding and expertise that is different on that topic?

Write articles with personal perspective and use the “sound” itself. It is able to make an article stand out among dozens or even hundreds of similar articles.

4. Does my friend have something different at the same value to be added (on that topic)?

Sometimes a topic have been written and published by many blogs / media, but maybe in the articles were no details, recommendation, discourse, stages, information, or missed steps. If my friend can add something different and worth, whether additional facts or opinions, then decide to write. Creativity is the key at this point. Dig, dig, and continued to dig.

5. Does the article that will meet the expectations of readers?

Blog articles to be written must meet the requirements set by their own buddies (niche / theme), not to go too far. With this concept, my friend can easily link a new article with related articles that have been written, so that the reader can better satisfy curiosity through longer articles via a buddy provide internal linking. If the topic of my friend strayed very far from being carried by your blog, buddy content likely to be poor than a reference and take a “golden opportunity” alone (keywords with high traffic, for example, but may be far from the theme / niche blogs). Whereas, in fact, an article with a specific topic that is successful in a blog are not necessarily successful in other blogs.

If you already have a subscriber in adequate amounts, man must think this is more serious, because they want to subscribe to is not because they want to follow your blog updates on topic / niche they like.

All back to my friend …

After considering five essential questions above, now back to my friend to decide: Written or not? One thing I can say here is: works that originated from a feeling and a special preparation of its creator. If my friend had started with a special feeling; namely with thinking, reasoning, and strategy, then the result would be very special.


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