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Asthma is a condition in which narrowing of the respiratory tract caused by hyperactivity, causing inflammation. Refinement is happening is temporary and is usually caused by dust, pollen, smoke, pets, cold air and can exercise. But as well as asthma can occur in those who have no history of allergy to the sport, as mentioned. The frequency of asthma itself is different.

 Likewise with severe asthma suffered by a person. Symptoms of asthma itself is marked by wheezing or wheezing, followed by rock and shortness of breath. Wheezing or asthma are very audible when asthmatics breathed. An asthma attack can occur a few minutes, even a few hours or a few days.

Patients who experience chest tightness increasingly burdensome asthmatics can then create anxiety that ultimately led to the sweat in large quantities. In the more severe stages then the patient can have difficulty speaking, confusion, decreased consciousness, the skin appears bluish. Therefore, rapid treatment is needed for patients with limited oxygen supply.

Asthma Medications for Treatment of Early Asthma

themselves can with modern medicine. However, you are more likely to believe the natural cureasthma , there are several treatments that you can try. At least two potions of asthma naturally this will help you. The following blog benefits of fruit ngeshare:

1. Kencur asthma natural remedy herb, with the material: -taste Honey 2 tablespoons pure -chicken 1 Btr -CITRUS 1/4 lemon Method: Rinse and then grated and squeezed to take water. Results juice is then mixed with honey, chicken eggs and lemon feelings. After that, stir the mixture. The natural remedy asthma can you use by mouth each evening and at night when it become clear sleep. 

2. Asthma natural remedy herb Betel leaves , with the material: -betel 7 pieces -Lada white 1 teaspoon -Oil eucalyptus tasteMethod: White pepper and betel leaves until finely crushed. Results scour is then mixed with eucalyptus oil, natural remedies asthma is used topically where concoction of betel leaves are smeared on the chest and neck asthma sufferers it. 

Another important thing that should be remembered by the people with asthma are some of the following points that helped ease his asthma: should be better if the bath with warm water -Avoiding cool place -Avoiding things that can cause allergies such as pungent smells -No smoking and not be close to people who are smoking -No drinking alcoholic beverages -Not drinking ice specifically for breathing.

With these steps, a little bit of your asthma will be abated. Do not forget to regularly consumenatural cure asthma , especially natural medicines did not give any side effects. Natural medicine is the treatment of asthma from within and from outside who can give the effect of relief to asthmatics.

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