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How To Lips Not Dry – Lip skin is one of the most different skin and the skin of the most sensitive among others. So how to care is not the same. Healthy lips are concerned, because the lips are orofacial always considered others. You will usually get annoyed and less confident if there are problems with your lips, especially the problem of dry lips. So it’s not surprising that many people are looking for ways to make dry lips and make them more comfortable on the move. Cara agar bibir tidak kering



How To Lips Not Dry

Then, how can I get dry lips? The following discussion for you who are annoyed with dry lips.

1. Stay away from drinks that Acid
Acidic drinks are very likely to make your lips become dry and irritated. Drinks such as this can also lead to dry lips, cracked up. So avoid acidic drinks one way to dry lips.

2. Avoid Food Too Salty
The food was too salty absorbs fluid in the body. So eat salty foods it is possible to make your lips become chapped dry up.

3. Avoid food Too Spicy
Besides the food was too salty, too spicy foods can also make your lips become dry and cracked.

4. Avoid Lipstick with Synthetic Dyes
There are some products whose color lipstick derived from synthetic dyes. This could lead to your lips dry and irritated. This is one way to dry lips are also worth noting.

5. Do not Lick Your Lips
A lick of the lips is one habit that you find difficult to avoid when you feel your lips dry. However, lick your lips will only make it more dry because the enzymes in your saliva can damage your lip protector. So, it seems it’s time to leave your habits.

6. Eating Fruits and Vegetables
The food is very good for the health of your lips. Fruits and vegetables are very good to get enough fluid so that you will avoid dehydration.

7. Avoid Smoking
In addition to making your lips black, smoking can also make your lips chapped dry up. The chemicals contained in cigarettes is not good for the health of your lips.

8. Do not Sleep with Open Mouth
Although it is difficult to control it, but sleeping with your mouth open can also cause your lips dry. This is because when your mouth is open, the air circulation occurs in your mouth, and circulation causes your lips become dry.

That’s some way to dry lips that you can do yourself to take precautions. All parts of your body to consider his health even small things like lip. Because when one part of your body is sick, it will affect the other parts of the body as well, also refer to how to cope with dry lips and black and tips on choosing a lipstick that is suitable for dry lips. May be useful.

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