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Among the many ways to gain weight quickly turned out to be a natural way is more effective when applied regularly. Currently has an ideal body weight may be said to be obligatory. Because a lot of work that requires you to have the height and ideal weight. But beyond that certainly have an ideal body weight can become the benchmark your health condition.

May have a thin body is not a big problem for some people, but did you know that a thin body can trigger the onset of various diseases. Some of the diseases that can be caused by a body that is too thin which include fractures, heart problems, depression, lung disease, and many more. Certainly many men and women are focused in addressing overweight, so start today note the weight problem is less so that you avoid these diseases. Underweight itself can be caused due to various factors such as genetics, stress or too many thoughts, lack of nutrition, lack of exercise, and many more.

How to Increase Weight

 How to gain weight fast itself can be done in various ways. Consuming nutritious food is one of the most important ways for nutritious foods influence on our weight. Milk weight gain also can you eat regularly to keep your weight faster ride. However, you should avoid weight gain supplements that are currently sold.

Because the circulation of these products can not be fully supervised by BPOM RI, so many outstanding products without approval from the Food and Drug Administration or BPOM RI. If you want to have an ideal body weight please apply several ways to gain weight naturally that I will give the this occasion. This method is certainly safe enough to apply because you do not need to take any medication or supplements. Please consider the following ways to gain weight that I have outlined for you.

1. Eat foods with a high caloric content For the first step you can do to gain weight is to eat foods with a calorie content is quite high. Foods with a high caloric content dianranya namely bread, avocado, wheat, popcorn butter and a few other foods. Consumption in the right amount each day.

2. Eat more frequent meals

for the way this one to note that eating more frequent meals can indeed gain weight, but the habit is certainly not good and not recommended. But if you want to gain weight should consume food more often but in small portions. For example, if you eat 3-4 times a day in a portion of a lot, now began to eat 4-5 times a day in small portions or medium. 3. Consumption of fruits and vegetables Fruits and vegetables contain fiber which is very good for health. By eating fresh fruits and vegetables in the right portion, then the fiber content can increase your weight. Besides the fiber contained in fruits and vegetables can also accelerate your metabolism.

4. Do not drink before the meal Although trivial but consume drinking water before meals can prevent you from getting the ideal body weight. Because when you consume water then the stomach will begin to feel full before you run out of food portions. So, make sure to avoid drinking water before a meal.

5. Consumption of healthy snacks Cemilah containing high calories may be one of the foods that you must consume when there is spare time. Proved to have a lot of people who have weight quickly after regularly consuming these snacks. One calorie snack foods namely nuts, now you can consume while drinking fruit juice avocado.

6. Exercising regularly Not all sports can increase your weight, choose a sport that can increase muscle mass so your body is more dense and contain. Lifting weights, push ups, and anaerobic exercise (exercise without oxygen) can be the right choice.

7. Consuming cheese Healthy foods that contain a lot of these nutrients are processed from milk. There are so many foods made ​​from cheese, so please choose and consume regularly so that you gain weight quickly. 8. Reduce begadang habit of staying up is not recommended by many parties. Lots of side effects of the habit of staying up, one of them is our metabolism becomes not smooth. So make sure you have adequate rest periods so that your medical condition is maintained. Some ways to gain weight that I mentioned above did not provide results quickly. However, if applied regularly believe your weight is going up slowly but surely. The way I would recommend to you than taking medications or supplements for weight gain.

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