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Many Drinking Water Can Make the Fat Faster Losses – It is said to increase the intake of water before eating foods can increase satiety. That is why a study saying people who are on diet and consume more water faster, faster weight down.

Initially Rebecca Muckelbauer, a researcher from the Berlin School of Public Health, Charité University Medical Center Berlin, Germany, and lead the review was admitted as a researcher in the field of nutrition, people often ask him if they should drink water to lose weight and in fact he do not know anything about it.

To that end, Muckelbauer and his colleagues decided to observe the entire study related to body weight and water consumption. And there are 11 studies that fit the desired criteria researchers. In fact, three of which indicates that increased water intake at dieters shown to accelerate weight loss.

One was conducted by Brenda Davy, an associate professor from Virginia Tech, USA. This study found that people middle-aged and elderly people who drank two glasses of water before meals to lose weight about 1.8 kilograms more than the group that did not drink extra water.

While another study says women who increase water intake when dieting will lose more extra weight than women who consume just under one liter of water per day.

Nevertheless, none of the studies can explain how water helps the people in these studies to lose weight.

Source : http://images.detik.com/content/2013/07/05/763/190210_150434_thirsty2.jpg?w=500

Source : http://images.detik.com/content/2013/07/05/763/190210_150434_thirsty2.jpg?w=500

But according to Davy, “The water can reduce hunger. And this may help them reduce their calorie intake.”

Muckelbauer also agreed that the increased satiety is the most plausible explanation behind this finding. Another possibility is a condition known as ‘thermogenesis triggered by water’.

“So the drinking water itself increases the release of the body’s energy or water is also known to have the effect of consuming energy. It just is not a lot of researchers observed,” said Muckelbauer as reported by Reuters on Friday (05/07/2013).

However, from a survey conducted Muckelbauer known that people who drink more water are not necessarily more slender than that not much drinking water.

In fact, some people who are obese or overweight is indeed consume more water than those with a healthy weight.

“We have no evidence to conclude that increasing the intake of water will lose weight, but there is another benefit gained if we drink more water. Among decreased risk of diabetes and kidney stones,” said Davy. diet cepat

Findings Muckelbauer and his colleagues have been published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

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