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YET had visited ground zero kilometer Sabang? Perhaps you can first set foot in the zero kilometer point which has become a magnet Anyer Banten tourism.
Sebelum ke Sabang, Sambangi Dahulu Nol Kilometer Anyer
Anyer zero kilometer point in the village Cikoneng. To visit is not difficult, because the zero kilometer point Anyer standing on the edge of the road connecting the tourist area of ​​Anyer-Carita.
Prior to Sabang, Sambangi Formerly Kilometer Zero Anyer
At the location of the zero kilometer point Anyer also stands Lighthouse Cikoneng, so it is not difficult to find. Because, there is a lighthouse built in 1885 by ZM Dutch King Willem III as when it rises approximately 75 meters, so it looks from a distance.
darajat garut
Entering zero kilometer area of ​​Anyer, now can see a monument spherical Earth. This monument was built to mark the start of construction of the road from Anyer-Panarukan as far as 1,000 kilometers in 1809 to 1810 in the days of the Dutch East Indies Governor General Herman Willem Daendels from Netherlands

Now, Monument Kilometer Zero-Panarukan Anyer is an attraction for tourists visiting the province of Banten. In fact, according to Sumanta as a tour guide from Collect Guides Indonesia (HPI) Banten, Anyer Kilometre Zero monument night-Panarukan is almost the same as Kilometre Zero monument Sabang, Aceh.

“So, this monument is almost equated with the monument 0 Kilometer in Aceh. Therefore, tourists especially the bikers often come to Anyer lighthouse or monument Zero-Panarukan Kilometyer Anyer,” he said at Lighthouse Cikoneng, Banten, Friday, November 29, 2015.

In fact, Sumanta say, tourists make zero kilometer Anyer-Panarukan as a destination that must be visited after the zero kilometer point Sabang. “After the zero kilometer Sabang already, they definitely want to also to Anyer-Panarukan zero kilometer,” he added.

Meanwhile, Sumanta tell, Monument Kilometer Zero Point Anyer-Panarukan built dibekas Cikoneng old lighthouse foundation. In 1883, Lighthouse Cikoneng destroyed by the eruption of Krakatoa.

“After two years later, rebuilt a new lighthouse that stood up until now,” he concluded.

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