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Gmail is an email service made ​​#Google that is widely used by Internet users around the world.Gmail is widely used on the grounds feature a complete, practical and is user friendly for its users. Because Gmail does not only provide email service, but can be integrated with other features such as Google Drive, Google plus account and other Google services.

The amount of public interest against Google’s Gmail service continues to push the technology company to make invoasi-new innovation from Gmail. As we can see in #android series 5.0 alias Lollipop which is the latest Android version at the end of 2014, Google not only change the look of Gmail, but also equip it with a variety of new features. Here are the new features of Gmail on Android Lollipop


New features-Gmail-on-Android-Lollipop

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1. Display New Design and Fresh

There is a fresh and new look of Gmail on Android Lollipop. With red line at the top of Gmail, the email service that this one looks more ok and cool. Not only that, on the left side of Gmail also displays some categories such as primary, social and updates.

Some categories have shown a new version with a round-shaped icon that looks more edgy and ergonomics of the display icon previous box. The new look is simple but ergonomically it will allow Gmail users to find important emails being sought.

See basic Gmail on Android Lollipop brings the impression of a simple, minimalist and easy to use. White base color also gives the impression of spacious and elegant.

2. Can Pave Many Accounts

In previous versions of Android, Google only allows users to open and display one Gmail account only. It is certainly difficult for those users who have a different account. But now it seems Google has to understand the difficulties and finally Google to innovate on Android Lollipop so that the user can open the other email accounts such as Yahoo! Mail and various other email services. Now we can add contacts from various relatives and colleagues through Gmail feature change this one.

3. Easily Interact With Gmail on Android Lollipop

Google seems to realize that ergonomics become one of the things needed by users. That is what seems to make Google lists the icons to create a new message on the bottom right of the screen. Not only that, the icon for the reply message is also displayed at the bottom right of the screen so that Gmail users can instantly reply to a message after reading the message.

Gmail on Android Lollipop also puts buttons to classify the important emails in one folder in a more practical and easier to find.

4. Swipe Features

In the previous version of Gmail, Gmail users can simply swipe to delete an email. But now Google added swipe function to archive and delete. Eminently practical and easier to use instead.

5. The Calendar feature a More Interactive

Calendar feature provided in Gmail also reformed so that it looks more effective and interactive.We can add features email confirmation to the flight schedules or schedule other activities in order to be included on the calendar so that the features Gmail email and calendar reminders can be integrated and used effectively for the benefit of scheduling each day.

In general, the overall reform presented in the Gmail app at the top is focused on ease of use and additional functionality. But for peers who have previously secured using this application will not feel strange, the article of the user interface is not so different from previous versions.

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