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One by one the weapons coloring Samsung in the mobile phone industry world seems inexhaustible to continue to arrive. Which having previously been officially memperkenalakan android phone the most expensive, the Samsung Galaxy W2016 with a flip design and specifications of Samsung Galaxy S6, this time in mobile entry-level class was disambanginya again preparing to introduce the Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini, the latest series of the successor of Samsung Galaxy J1 ,

Particularities behind the body mungkil as the name implies looks much more powerful than the previous series, especially with the price of Samsung Galaxy J1 mini reportedly quite cheap and affordable, this phone also offers Ram 1GB capable of supporting all the needs of the working of this mobile phone in all sorts good affairs multimedia, gaming or multitasking well. In addition, the same as the preceding series handset is also in Arm 4.3-inch screen with QHD resolution.
Harga Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini Dan Detail Spesifikasi
So my friend gusteno.com who are curious about this handset could see the first Samsung Galaxy J1 first series. Although the price of Samsung Galaxy mini J1 this one is cheap, but seperinya no longer cheap because Samsung has always put beberpa specification that can rely on, ranging from software to hardware. Well curious as to what the specifications of this smartphone and wanta know what the price of Samsung Galaxy mini J1 is ?? Let’s consider the following review.

The presence of a new generation of Samsung Galaxy J1 first series of course this phone many have increased quite nicely, especially in sectors that already use the kitchen spur Spreadtrum SC8830 chipset in the mix along with CPU Quad Core 1.5 Ghz which is still using 32 Bit architecture. In addition to the equivalent of the price of the Samsung Galaxy Mini is quite affordable J1, the phone also has in tawrakan with 1GB Ram.

Where this would make it more slick than the previous series which uses only 512 MB Ram. The liberation of that, Samsung also menyempurkan this phone with penempatkan chip graphics processor Mali-400 MP2 form so that the graphics capabilities available on the phone can be perfected, because the chips are already working ability can not be doubted. So for those of you playing games or doing multitasking will run smoothly without any hitch.

The rest of the affairs of storage memory, yaps when viewing Sasung Galaxy J1 first series that only comes with an internal capacity of 4 GB and RAM 512 MB, so far Samsung Galaxy J1 mini is much better because the South Korean manufacturer that this one puts internal measuring 8 GB which is at least 2X greater, semetara to add capacity http://www.viatekno.com pal seemed to be able to use the microSD card in the claims can accommodate up to 128GB.

And for business software, the handset is at present with the Android operating system v5.1 Lollipop which of course has also been improved from the previous series only mendandalkan OS Android Kitkat. So that makes this phone can run more smooth, and also claimed to be able to make use of more efficient battery life, but talking about the battery, it is still unknown yagn turned away the battery capacity will be in use at this ponse.

Well then let’s discuss the problem of the screen and design, can mate http://www.viatekno.com yaps as seen in the table specification, the price of the Samsung Galaxy Mini J1 cheap and affordable, this phone comes armed with a screen measuring 4.3 inches with QHD resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. Which is already on the screen accompanied TFT panel with a density of 217 ppi, thus making will remain clear, although not as clear as usual Super AMOLED Samsung use on other smartphones.

Not only that, armed with a cheap price, Samsung also did not put a protective layer or the like on the handset, so my friend http://www.viatekno.com still need to add a protective screen later. Then in the design sector, perhaps it could be said the design of this phone will still exactly the same as the previous series which are made of plastic material with sufficient as possible and certainly easy on the handheld.

In connection with the price of Samsung Galaxy mini J1 cheap, making this phone is also not accompanied by the ability of 4G LTE internet access, but only offers 3G HSPA alone. But with the ABILITY alone can be sure your internet connection is smoothly without any obstacles. Moreover, not only that, Samsung also put some noble supporter of dual sim, Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, hotspot, Bluetooth v4.0, GPS with A-GPS and microUSB v2.0 all of which will facilitate you are in move files and also berinternetan.

Further on the camera, fixed lens 5 MP main camera with the ability to print images clear enough because it has been accompanied also features LED flash and beberpa other supporting features ranging from geo-tangging and HDR. As for the front of the lens may mate http://www.viatekno.com do not expect to get a good ability as bleak you can see above, this phone is offered with a VGA quality front camera lens alone, this is of course not The release of the price of the Samsung Galaxy mini J1 to be very cheap and affordable.

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Actually, the official Samsung mobile phones have not memperkanalkan this one, but from time to beberpa information we have, this phone will reportedly be released in December with a price range of USD $ 50 or when dirupiahkan equivalent to Rp 700 thousand rupiah. The price may still be changed because infrormasi is not 100% correct. But clearly with existing specifications above, the price of the Samsung Galaxy mini J1 it would not be more than 2 million.

See prices samsung Galaxy mini J1 very affordable, making this phone very sngat quite different from that in the price of Samsung W2016 bandrol with tens of millions of rupiah. Namunkenyataan in the mobile phone industry, especially android it was so, the higher the quality that is given the greater the selling price of the offer. and vice versa, as only the price of the Samsung Galaxy mini J1 this one.

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