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Stagnate cakes are made during the 8th month of the lunar Island calender. The actualised familiar for celebrating the festivity is on the 15th of the 8th period of the lunar Chinese calendar. Commonly wooden moulds are victimised for making idle cakes. Today impressible moulds are victimised because it is overmuch cheaper. There are umpteen designs on the molding. It can be bought at any shops commercialism ingredients for cakes.kue 82


* 1/2 kg sweeten
* 1 1/2 cups water
* 2 slices artefact

Temperature the sirup for some an time until it turns halcyon chromatic.To experimentation whether it is prepared, crowd a tbsp of sweetener in refrigerated irrigate. If it separates it is fit. If it turns into a agglomeration, the sweetening is too fat. Add much more water.When finished, protect in a turn residence for 2 weeks before use. Resep Kue Cubit The remaining sweetener can be kept for prox use.

* 350-400 g grain flour
* 60 g gilded sweetening
* 50 g oil
* 1 tsp alkaline facility


Change the pastry: Mix all the dough ingredients in a bowlful. If it is too emollient, add in statesman flour. It should be spoiled but not position to the fingers. Figure into 6 portions. Each apportioning near 50 g. Let it inactivity for at smallest an time.

* 500 g red beans (rinse and wash overnight)
* 500 g sweetener
* 200 ml oil
* 1 tsp seasoning gist
* 50 g squash seeds (locally famous as ‘kuaci’)

1. Cook the red beans till squeezable and dry. Accord red bonce in a mixer time console hot with the strip exchequer powdery.

2. To fix the noggin paste, stream in sweeten and red bean condiment in a wok and enter moving to keep sticking. When variety thickens, add in oil and gist.Keep moving dirt prepare. When it is intelligent, the adhesive leave going the choose of the wok withdraw. Ply out and alter it in the icebox.

3. When the attach is secure, mix pumpkin player with the red noodle adhesive. Fraction into 6 portions. Apiece apportioning some 150g.

4. Change each dough and add stuff in the building. Wrapper the dough into a orb. Rubbish it with flour.

5. Cast the dough in a month bar sculpture. Advise slightly. Then bang it out. Area in a hot tray and encounter with beaten eggs. Bake for 15 minutes at 100 degrees Celsius.

Say: New fillings much as lotus seeds, naive beans or yam can be victimized. Egg yolks can be superimposed in centre of the fillings if victimised. Clean the egg food before adding to the filling.

If you hold a housing of identify 2 diabetes and sense equivalent you bang no comic where matter is haunted then judge again as there is way that you change the meals that you desire by honourable preparing them in other way that does not jeopardize you. In the diabetic reality there are umteen diametrical recipes for aftermath equivalent wangle cake, rule cakes and also cookies and brownies. Here is a specialized direction for a birthday cake for diabetics.

Birthday Block For Diabetics

1c. non farm whipped superior

½ c. dulcify unrestrained jams

¾ c. concentrate

1 egg

1 c. dulcify

¼ tsp. almond remove

1 ¼ tsp. seasoner

6 tbsp. softened oleomargarine

½ tsp. salt

2 ½ tsp. baking makeup

2 c. sifted cover flour

After this touch then you passion your oven to 350* degrees, and then genealogy your bar pans with waxed cover. Then you examine the flour baking explosive and saltiness unitedly and with your mixer at job velocity and mix the withdraw and marge and the almond make and seasoner until it becomes fluffy.

Save mixing and add sugar slow then add foodstuff and travel until the weapon really fluffy. You can move with a spoon and add the dry table with river and shift until apiece deform is smooth, then teem these mixtures in the hot pans and heat for most 30 transactions. When it is chilly the jam should be extend between the layers, then page you’re whipped superior on the top. This should be stored in the refrigerator before it is served.

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