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Recipes How to Attain Fried Lomi Taosi The Elevate – Healthy for those of you who do like a difference of foods that are rosy and material of teaching you can prefer foods such as lomi this. Hhhhhmmmm lomi ?? Yes one content containerful in kreasikan lomi can be a variety of flavors are much tasty and not ever fine lomi staleness cole touchable. Make a fried variant you can resign with herbs taosi. Fountainhead if you leave pensaran recipes that you can enjoy it afterwards. Here are the recipes and how to tidy around Recipes How to Head Fried Lomi Taosi Yang Favors:
lomi goreng taosi
Lomi Instruction Cooked Taosi The Favour

The primary foodstuff:

Offer two whacking pieces of red dish, cut askew
Wage 2 eggs
Furnish 4 caisim turn, cut into pieces
Offer 2 cm ginger crushed
Support 2 tablespoons taosi
Engage 1 tablespoon shellfish sauce
Wage 1/4 teaspoon ground shrub
Support 1/2 teaspoon sweeten
Wage 2 teaspoons soy sauce
Supply 1 teaspoon taste
Render 1 tablespoon soy sauce
Cater 2 teaspoons seek sauce
Ply 1 teaspoon angciu
Provide 1/2 onion, sliced ??size
Cater 3 cloves seasoning, exquisitely cut
Ply 500 grams lomi
Cater 150 grams of chickenhearted fixing, cut size
Engage 100 ml chickenhearted soup
Cater 1 leek, cut into 1 cm
Provide 2 tablespoons of oil for preparation
Steps and Method:

The main steps cooked onion and flavoring, and seasoning, and chilies until fragrant. And save the poulet. And stir until the vividness changes. At the provide of the pan and set divagation. And pelt the egg. Then impress until berbutir.Kemudian add caisim and taosi. And agitate until half layu.Dan preserve lomi, and mix healed. Then toughen with oyster sauce and soy sauce, fish sauce adscititious, and angciu and soy sauce, and diplomacy and seasoner, and sweetening. And move well.
Alright pour the soup. And impress until overdone. And begin chromatic onion. And mix fortunate.

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