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7. Add the heater and thermometer. Heater works to keep the water temperature to keep warm and decent for fish habitat, while the thermometer is used to control the temperature of the water, so it is not too high nor too low.

8. When the chemicals in the water already at a safe level, and temperature is also stable, the input of freshwater fish slowly. Make sure not to put too many fish in the aquarium to keep each – each fish has a large area for swimming.
Interior Design Living Room with Modern Aquarium
Lighting for the aquarium, should?
After a Creating and create Aquarium As One room decor Part 2 freshwater aquarium is successfully created, of course you want the aquarium to see no ‘ordinary – ordinary’. To make it look more alive, you can add special lighting which can have dramatic effects on the aquarium . However, in selecting and placing this lighting, there must be separate consideration. For example if you are classified as aquarium fish-only in the absence of aquatic plants, the intensity and the amount of lighting needed is certainly smaller than the aquarium containing fish and aquatic plants in it.
In addition, the size of the aquarium also determine the type of lighting is right. For aquarium which tend to be in, lighting placement was a bit down, while the aquarium which tend to be shallow and wide, lighting should be placed slightly above. Or, if you want a simple lighting set and created, you should place the lighting outside and install a canopy or hood to put the aquarium lighting. Thus, you can add one or two types of lighting to emphasize a dramatic effect on the aquarium.
The right kind of lighting
For fish-only aquarium with a wide and cool freshwater fish tank ideas shallow size, you should select the type of T12 and T8 fluorescent lamps. Both types of lights is quite common in the aquarium and relatively cheaper. For aquarium with ornamental fish plus the presence of living plants, as well as having the size of a deeper, use intense-type fluorescent lighting bulbs or the so-called High Output (HO) or Very High Output (VHO).
In addition to adding lighting, you may need to add a timer so that the flame lighting can be controlled.Instead, set a timer with a period of 12 hours per day, thus, the next 12 hours aquarium lights will automatically turn off. It is also good for maintaining the health of the fish, because of excessive exposure throughout the day can make stress easier fish to death.
 Other ornaments for aquarium
If there is still space enough, you can add ornaments – other ornaments for the sake of beautifying the aquarium display. For example, by adding a cave – an artificial cave, large rocks, logs, coral reefs, and other decorations that can be found in stores that sell aquarium and ornamental fish.
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