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Shoes indeed goods in love women, including high heels, these shoes because they will make the wearer will look taller. But will have you know it turns use high heels will impact to your body’s health.

Dangers of Wearing the Right Shoes High

Do you include women who are very fond of using high heels ? Very many women are fond of using this kind of shoes, but do you know the shoes of this type would be bad for the health of your body, the more so for the feet, such as grow callus, pain in the feet and toenails uninterrupted growth

Below will be described anything what the impact of the use of high heels for the health of your body

In Part Heel Pain

Pain in the heel and also on the ankles was a complaint that may be most many  in the encounter. Uses the high heels will lead to increased pressure in the foot, and this sort of thing can make your leg pain after, uses these shoes all day

muscle Injury

High-heeled shoes are very potential make your muscle injury, even more shoes you gunkan smallness. Injuries can also occur Because  you are not balanced in the running. People who use your high heels leih easily fall in tossing people who do not wear high heels

Posture Will be Changed

Using Cleaner will make the right body position changes. The wearer can walk with a state that is not balanced and will make the spine is not aligned, ultimately posture will be disrupted

Tips For Using The Right Shoes High

Not infrequently women are willing to bear the pain to be able to wear high heels. Below are some tips so that your feet avoid interference when using the high heels

Choosing The Size Of The Pas

You should wear shoes that fits with your feet, If you are using shoes that are too small will make your legs irritation and wounded in the legs

Choosing The Right Shoes More Thick

Shoes that have a thicker rights will be stronger to support your body. So look for her heels thicker so that you do not easily fall while wearing

Adding Bearing Shoes

Using shoe pads helpful to reduce the pressure in the foot and make you comfortable when using high heels

That is some danger of wearing high heels and tips for wear. So and hopefully useful


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