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Incidence of football injuries

Football is classified as a contact sport. Many consider soccer to be relatively safe because of the low incidence of serious injuries.6 However, it is difficult to measure the soccer ranking in terms of the total injury rate compared to other sports because of the different methodologies used to define the concept of Injury and severity, reported in rates, and comparing different ages, genders, and competitive level. Although there is a consensus in the methods for conducting investigations of injury, 7 early investigations (which focused primarily on professionals) had difficulties in comparing the results, and there are very few studies that have studied injuries in recreational youth that is a larger group Level of participation. vivagoal situs berita bola terkini

One of the most reliable data series, performed in a large number of athletes of different sports, is the injury surveillance system of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). This rigorous NCAA-sponsored surveillance project includes nearly 20 years of injury statistics, collected at all levels within 15 college sports.8 A summary of NCAA injury rates is shown in Table 1, where Soccer is ranked in the top third of all sports observed. Since 1998, the FIFA medical evaluation and research center (F-MARC) has carried out an injury surveillance program in all competitions organized by FIFA. 9,10.

This information was collected by each physician from each team in each game and was reported to the research group. During this time, injury rates of 88.710 and 67.49 injuries per 1000 hrs of play were reported for men and women respectively, and most of these injuries were considered minor (<7 days of lost participation in training and / Or parties). 11 Most of the injuries included tacles, 12.13 and slightly less than half, 10 and a third 9 of all injuries in men and women, respectively, are due to foul play, . It is important to clarify that the data collected are in events of world championships and come from the highest levels of competition, resulting higher than those reported for lower levels of competition. 6.14

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