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Smart watch or smartwatch made ​​by world IT manufacturer Apple seems to be the main attraction for consumers. The new boss of Apple, Tim Cook believes this Applewatch will be flooded with orders. Applewacth became the first major product of Apple’s new boss. Companies from the United States recorded a total of 957 000 units of Apple booked on April 10.



In terms of the model, according to Intelligence Slice, consumers prefer a model with a larger diameter (42mm) than small (38mm). As for the selection of colors and materials hours, 40 percent of consumers choose Space Gray aluminum, 34 percent of consumers chose silver stainless steel, 23 percent of consumers chose aluminum and 3 percent of consumers choose Space Black stainless steel.

For watchband, Sport Band black is a favorite choice consumers with a percentage of 49 percent. analysts this week praised the watch clever that also helps people monitor their health as “beautiful” and “stylish”, but criticized for the performance of the battery is low and the loading of its applications are slow.

On the 24th of April consumer this product can only be purchased online or by ordering in advance at shops including the trendy fashion boutiques in Paris, London and Tokyo. It is part of Apple’s strategy to position the wearable computer (attached to the body) as the accessories required. Prior to the Apple store in Paris opened at 09.00 am local time, about 100 people lined up outside.

The staff is pleased to welcome its first consumers mostly men under 30 years, it is clear from the upper classes. Background consumers also interesting to be examined. Slice of Data Intelligence, 21 percent of consumers have ever pre-order the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and 11 percent of consumers have Apple products, like the iPhone and iPad.

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