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Nice holiday destination and much-loved is Turkish. If the weather is sunny, wide range of activities on the beach such as sunbathing, swimming or fishing as a means of refreshing fun. Sometimes there are a few things that bother us as the heat of the sun that can burn skin or allergies sea breeze etc. For that there are some things you need to prepare and you notice when you are on vacation to the beach:

Choose the right time to sunbathe

Sunbathing on the beach is one activity that is very pleasant and can nourish the skin. But it is also affected by the timing right. Note the right time if you want to sunbathe. Do not sunbathe Boat to gili trawangan during the day. Do it in the morning before 11:00 or after 15:00 pm.

Bring sunscreen

Many things can protect you from the sun such as sunglasses, hats or umbrellas. Not only do you become more stylish, but these objects can also protect you directly from the sun. Exposed to the sun is too hot can make you feel dizzy, causing the pain in the eyes etc. Sun visor will protect you from these things.

Use sunblock regularly

When you are on the beach under the scorching sun, sunblock is not enough to use just once, but must be applied repeatedly with a lag time of about 4 hours. Although sunblock is waterproof sunblock but still have maximum durability. Sunblock is essential used for protect  your skin from the sun, so your skin is not blackened let alone burn. But if your skin is already on fire, you can take care of her use of aloe vera-based lotion.

Wear clothes with lightweight materials

When you go to the beach avoid using clothes that have heavy materials. Clothing with material thickness and weight will bother you. They will also be difficult to dry if you wet in water. Use clothing with a lightweight material that is comfortable.

Pay attention when swimming

Swim certainly a thing that is very exciting when you are on vacation to the beach. Although it was fun to swim but you should not be careless and still have to pay attention to a place about to swim.Take a good look around you, whether there is a reef or marine mammals such as sea urchins and jellyfish poison that can harm you. To be safe, you can use the pants while swimming in the sea. Of course, with material that can still make you comfortable.

Rinse directly after a swim

The sea water can cause allergies for your body because it contains a lot of salt. Tips Beach Tourism So when you are finished playing sea water, try to immediately rinse using clean water. Do not be too long to use the wet clothes because seawater. This can cause your skin to become drier.


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