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Tips on how to wear the hijab , we dedicate to the Ladies loyal to Sharia.Create hijab diverse these days make most people interested in changing the appearance of using the veil. The reason the use of the veil was varied, some are due to the trend of the hijab creations that exist today and some are indeed really want to change the appearance of the hijab. However, the most important in using the veil is the veil syar’i, means the visible parts of the body only the face and hands and chest only to be closed hijab. Lots of  tips on how to wear hijab  creations circulating in various media. Sorry Out of Topics  yes Ladies, if anyone among you like the game Dragon City that very phenomenon that, then we’ve got tips tablets hidden, Secret Games Dragon City Breed

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Here are some tips how to wear hijab modern rectangular:

  1. Use a long hijab and covering the chest.
  2. We recommend using ciput or insert a veil that veils position remained stable and did not fall apart.
  3. Avoid wearing hijab with translucent material so that the hair does not look or use ciput long to cover the neck.
  4. If you do not want to bother to use the hijab pin, use direct hijab wear and still cover the chest.
  5. Kreasikan hijab as desired.



There are various models of hijab creations are much in demand and made ​​fashion Muslim fashion. Model hijab creations ranging from simple to complex model. But surely most of the people want to model creations hijab simple yet trendy. One of the tips on how to wear the hijab pasmina simple but trendy as well as syar’i, among others:

  1. Use ciput ninja or insert a veil to cover the neck.
  2. Wear long pashmina with the different between right and left, the left side is longer than the right.



  1. The left longer be pulled back and placed in the right side.
  2. On the right, there are two sides of the veil of different lengths. Then the longer side pulled around his neck.
  3. The veil in the wind on the neck should be up on the left shoulder.
  4. Continue until the veil covering the chest by pulling to the right shoulder to the side of the veil that is short on top. Embed a pin on the right and left so that the veil does not fall apart.
  5. Create a headscarf was ready for use.

In addition to the creation of the veil above, there are more tips on how to wear the hijab modern creations easily and syar’i but still stylish, namely:

  1. Wear ciput ninja and pashmina material that decomposes chifon lengthwise.
  2. Grasp each corner of the bottom of the pashmina.
  3. Tie the two ends of the pashmina on the inside of the neck.
  4. Wrap the pashmina.
  5. Pin the straps or headbands in the head on a pashmina.
  6. Pashmina stylish ready for use.
  7. If you do not want to use a headband, can pin the pin on the right side and left the head in order to remain in his position should have or not to fall apart.

So easy is not wearing the hijab simple creations, trendy but still syar’i? tips on how to wear the veil 
that has been reviewed above can be a reference for those of you who want to look stylish with pashmina headscarf. Not that people who use the veil was outdated, it is now a lot of other hijab creations that can be tried. Now with the veil, we’ve been able to look fashionable, suitable for work, gathering with friends, walks, suitable for parties and so forth. Despite the limitations, no word is limited to the creation of the veil. In addition to using the hijab tutorial how beautiful, we had a lot of beauty tips more in this simple blog.


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